September 30, 2011

Prims By the Water Scavenger Hunt ~ Clues 3 & 4

Here's my answers for day 3 & 4 for Janice's Halloween Scavenger Hunt.  Head on over & check it out for yourself! (You can start now & catch up if you missed the first two!)


Going down Anyone?

If so, please bring Ice



I can be white, Orange

Green and even Black

Some folks call me a Gourd

But I like to be called Jack


Have fun!

(tattoo flash from a magazine was all I could find)

Redos, Cupboard Update & A First

Good morning!  Hope every one's Friday is going great! Mine is alright ~ nothing too exciting going on around here right now.  It's another cold & rainy day. 

I thought I'd share a few things I've been working on with you. 

Here are a few makeovers:



before (was a previous makeover)


I'm still trying to finish up my cabinet.  It used to have red plaid in the top door panels but I wanted to try something different so I got some muslin to put in the panels instead.  One side is pleated & one side is not.  I'm not sure I like either side.  The hubby says it's too bright.  I think I may have to keep looking for some fabric.  What do you think?


after (so far)

Does either side look ok? The unpleated one is just barely on that's why it's kinda wavy ~ it would be smooth if I leave it.  Do you think the muslin is too white?  I'm not sure what I think so any input would be appreciated. :O)  I'd love some tin punch panels but that's not in the budget!

Oh ~ I almost forgot! I started my first punch needle yesterday!!!  WAY back when,  Rhonda from Simple Thyme Prims had sent me a kit, a how to book, & a pattern to try out.  Well I finally remembered to get some thread yesterday & I think I'm going to really like doing it!  Of course I need LOTS of practice. I had only bought 2 colors because I forgot my pattern at home, so I didn't get too far.

 Here's what I did ~ promise me you won't point & laugh! lol

Hope you have a good day!

Prims By The Water Scavenger Hunt Clue #2

Janice over at Prims By the Water is having a scavenger hunt/giveaway for Halloween. Check it out here:

Clue #2 for the Halloween Scavenger Hunt is:

This ole Gent

Sometimes gets Blue

But I sure do Love

His harvest Hue!

I must say Ms Janice over @ Prims by the Water ~ this one was tough for me!  This is the only moon I could find in my house & I couldn't see the real deal outside at my house :( ~ so hopefully that's good engough! 

September 29, 2011

Prims by the Water Scavenger Hunt Wk#1

Jance over at Prims by the water
is having a Halloween scavenger hunt where everyday for 10days she will post a clue & you must figure out the clue & post a picture of it. 

Today's clue is:

These fine ladies whether good or bad

know how to sweep

So don't make them mad.
Here's my picture:
(isn't she just the crustiest?!?! lol)

So if you want some good ol' fashioned Halloween fun ~ head over now & you could win all this:

Good luck & have fun!

September 27, 2011

A thank you & some scary stuff!

Hi! I wanted to drop in & share a few things with you today.  First are some birthday goodies from a great blogging friend .... Ms. Carmen from Primcats! She made a stop over at Lil Raggedy Angie's last night, so I headed on over to visit too!  Look at the goodies she brought me for my birthday!

I just LOVE them all & feel very special that she thought of me.  Thanks again Carmen! You rock!!

I also thought I'd share my outside decorating with you today too.  I was wanting to go for more of just a "fall" theme instead of Halloween but Cody really likes the scarecrows we've made so I said "oh, well!" & got busy!  It's hard to get good pics of it all together but you get the point.

~Cody with our big scary scarecrow~

~mr.frankenstein got a makeover this year ~ he did have a foam face but it was looking bad so he got a new pumpkin head instead ~ he looks much better now! lol
(the pumpkin was a purple one i found for .25 cents & i painted it black then orange to give it the streaky look)
~i made this little ghost -actually made 3 of them ~ I just balled up some plastic grocery bags & wrapped some scrap fabric around the posts that were already in my flower beds (1 was a lil bird & one was a post w/a star-i took the star off to use the post) & tied them with some twine - they are my favorite thing outside (I think I might be board line obsessed with ghosts this year! lol)

I want to still get some pumpkins & maybe some corn stalks.  Maybe after Halloween I'll change out the scarecrows & just decorate my window boxes.  We'll have to wait & see how ambitious I am by then! lol

Hope everyone is enjoying their week!

September 26, 2011

Ghost Tutorial

Today's post is going to be my first tutorial ~ a ghost tutorial. 

I had a couple people ask me how I made my ghost I shared on Friday so here's how I made it.

wooden post cut to length -i used a scrap 1x1 that measured about 26" -could be any size you desire though
scrap piece of wood for base
cheesecloth (mine was tea dyed & was the smallest pack @ joanns - i think it was the 4yds size)
white fabric (mine was a scrap that was tea dyed too)
stuffing -can be fiber fill or scraps
black fabric or paint for eyes & mouth

1. attach post to base

2. take fabric & cut out ghost shape (need 2 or cut on fold once) (mine was approx 17" long but again you can make any size-i liked having some post at bottom -made the cheesecloth drape nice)

3. sew up sides of ghost body leaving opening at bottom

4. place ghost body on post & fill with stuffing material till has a nice round ghost shape

5. use your glue gun to close opening at bottom by gluing fabric to post

6. cut out eyes &mouth -glue on or you can paint them on

7. drape cheesecloth over ghost body &cut to desired length (mine went all the way to the base) - i draped 1 piece from front to back then 2nd piece side to side

And you are done!

It's really a fun & easy craft to make.  Have fun & let me know if you make one, how it turns out!
Tip Junkie handmade projects

Giveaway Winner!!

Hi everybody! Sorry this post is late ~ the day just kind of flew right by & the next thing I know I had totally forgotten all about drawing a name for my giveaway! My apologizes!!

Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes! I must say I've had a really good day.  Nothing too exciting ~ Cody made me breakfast burritos this morning (w/minimal help from the hubby) which were very yummy! They also got me a card & some beautiful white roses.

~they smell so good~

 My mom brought me an awesome peanut butter cup pie ~it was to die for -it was so good!! She also got me an AWESOME snowman that was carved out of a dried gourd.  The detailing on it is amazing! Even the little snowman on his hat is a gourd.  I can't wait to put it out for Winter!

~it even lights up~

Lil Raggedy Angie gave me my gift about a month ago ~ I had seen a pin keep on Facebook that I really liked & she had bought it for me. :O) 

~I still LOVE it~

  Other than that I spent most of my day just lazin around with my guys & putting up my outside decorations (which I'll show another day).  The day was supposed to be rainy but luckily mr.weatherman was wrong & it turned out beautiful! Oh I forgot ~ my guys let me sleep in AND take a nap today!! lol 

Ok now for the good stuff~
Since Cody is in bed now ~ I pulled the name myself and the winner is ....

BettyJ @ Through My Back Door

Congrats to Betty - please send me your address & I'll send your package out to you.

Thanks to everyone who entered!

Well I'm off to bed ~ I hope everyone enjoys their Monday!

September 24, 2011


Hi ~ I know I said I wouldn't be back until tomorrow but the hubby & the kiddo are gone so I thought I'd sneak a quick blog post! :O)

Today has been absolutely gorgeous! A warm sunny fall day ~ although this morning it was a lil chilly & cloudy but it turned out to be great.  The hubby & I took Cody & Princess to the Applefest this morning.  The kids had a blast.  It was a small lil festival @ our local orchard ~they had a petting zoo,a couple mazes, pony rides, wagon rides, & a "corn box" for the kids to play in.  Both kiddos got to ride a horse for the first time today.  They both were very brave & very amused!  We had a lot of fun & came home with a couple of pumpkins too! lol

Here's a few pictures of our day:

 i just really loved the look of this old silo 

Princess on her pony

Cody on his pony

the wagon ride took you around the orchard

just look how cute they are! (i might be a lil partial ;o) tho)

just look @ this neat grain bin ~ i love it!

I'm off to work on my cabinet some more & a few other "redos" I'm working on while the boys are gone. Enjoy your evening!

September 23, 2011

Happy Friday!!

Happy Friday everyone! 

 It's a cold, dreary, rainy day here but that's not going to ruin my day! I'm excited for the weekend ~ Princess will be staying all night tonight with us & then tomorrow I'm hoping to take the kiddos to the local Applefest or a pumpkin show (I can't decide! lol).  They are calling for a chance of rain but maybe we'll get lucky & get to go have some fall fun!

Just a reminder ~ my giveaway ends this Sunday ~ I'll be drawing a name for the bowl & all the fixins & bowl fillers, so if you haven't signed up ~ whatcha waitin on?!?! lol

Okay now for my newest obsession ~ FALL decorating~ I have another picture to share with you.  Last weekend I kept seeing these ghosts everywhere I went ~ Country Living Fair, a local craft store ~ but they wanted between $45-$60 for one! Holy Cow! I was soooo not paying that price so I decided to make me one instead. In the end it cost me about $5 which was for the cheesecloth & really probably wasn't that much because I used some cheesecloth for my mummy earlier in the week. 
 Anyways ~ here's the pic:

I LOVE how he turned out! I'm getting ready to make my aunt one today ~ she wanted one @ Country Living this weekend too.  It was so super easy to make!

That should be the last Fall decorating pictures for this week ~ I want to put up our scarecrows & decorate outside but yesterday was the only day it didn't rain & I couldn't get the stuff out of the top of the garage without the hubby's help & he wasn't home, SO if it dries out next week I plan on working on that.  Until then here's my next project:

I've been debating on whether I should paint this cabinet for awhile now & finally this morning I decided "why not?" .  So as of now it is totally torn apart in my kitchen waiting for some new paint! :O) It holds our canned foods so my kitchen looks like there was an explosion or something! lol I guess I better get back to it so maybe it'll be done before the hubby gets home. :O)

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend! I'll be back on Sunday!

September 21, 2011

A sweet surprise

The kindness of other people never ceases to amaze me ....

Today I received a special package from Stacy @ . I wasn't expecting anything so when the mailman knocked on my door, I was really surprised he had something for me.  Miss Stacy sent me a package to get my fall decorating started.  

Just look at my goodies!!
~I had to show you the tissue paper ~ it's got sheep on it!  It's the cutest tissue paper I've ever seen!~

~just look at these adorable Fall tucks~

~some beautiful, handmade birthday cards ~ they are so stinkin cute!~

Thank you again Stacy! I love everything & can't wait to find the perfect spot for my tucks.  You made my day! 

If you haven't checked out Stacy's blog ~ get on over there & check it out! She makes some beautiful stuff!

September 20, 2011

Mummy Love

Hi! I wanted to drop in & do a quick little post to show off my new mummy I got done today. 

I had a raggedy that I didn't really care for so she got a Halloween makeover! Dummy me forgot to take the before picture ( I do that alot ~ I get all excited & by the time I think about it it's too late!) ~ so sorry no "before" but here's the after:

I LOVE it now! 

Hope everyone is enjoying their week! Don't forget to sign up for my giveaway if you haven't already.  I'll be drawing the name Sunday!

Take care!

September 19, 2011

Country Living Fair & Some Pumpkins

Hi ~ hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.  Mine was pretty good.  The hubby took me thrift store shopping on Saturday but I didn't find anything good which was ok since I got so many goodies on Friday. We had fun running around together.  On Sunday my mom, my aunt, her friend, & I all went to the Country Living Fair down in Columbus. Just let me say it was


It was huge! I would've never imagined it would've been so big & full of so many different kinds of booths.   They even had demonstrations going on given by the magazine staff. We had a blast.  We were there for 4 hours & we were all beat by the time we left but we had a good time. :O)  I didn't have a whole lot of money & it cost $16 to get in (which was about 1/2 of my $ to begin with! lol) but I still managed to get a few goodies.

 some coasters that made me think of my whiskey lovin hubby named Joe! lol
they were too perfect to pass up
this little hanging star candle holder ~ i have an obsession with stars!

I also bought my sis Lil Raggedy Angie something very cool for her birthday but since her bday isn't till Wednesday ~ you'll have to wait till then see the pic. :O)

I managed to get a few pumpkins made for the house & a scarecrow for my wall.  Now I just need a few more inside & to finish up some outside decorations & I think I'll be done decorating.  I know what I want to do ~ I just need to get it done!

~ this is my fav ~

~he's not so bright looking in person~

Well I'm off to get Cody from school. Hope everyone has a great day!

September 16, 2011

Some Cheap Thrills

Happy Friday!
It's another nice, cool, fallish kinda day today in Ohio.  It's a little overcast but it's not raining so it's just fine. I got up & took the kiddo to school & decided since my hubby had left $10 on the dresser it was a sign I should find me some yard sales.  I'm very happy I did . 

 Just look at all the stuff I got for $7 ~ plus I got Cody 4 pairs of jeans & 2 shirts! Whoo hoo!!

~look I found a couple pumpkins & some leaves~
~ the big thing in the back is a peg rack type thing - i think it'll be really cute repainted~

~my favorite thing from today ~ this little pitcher for .25 cents ~ it's definitely old -the paint is all crackled looking -i'm not sure what the stamp says but it's made in the USA~

~ $1 enamelware pot -it's nice & big -not old but very cool~
~closeup of the lil brown crock for .25 cents~
~closeup of the scoop-it'll be very prim after a paint job-it had 2 potholders inside so i didn't even know it said "our daily bread" on it - .25cents~

It still amazes me after all these years of bargain shopping & yard sailing how good a bargain can make you feel.  I'm like a giddy school girl now! lol  I'm so thankful that my mom & grandma have always loved a good bargain. People who don't yard sale or thrift shop are missing out!!

Well I'm off to do the dishes so it looks like I accomplished something today besides bringing home more junk.  Hope everyone has a great day!