September 30, 2011

Redos, Cupboard Update & A First

Good morning!  Hope every one's Friday is going great! Mine is alright ~ nothing too exciting going on around here right now.  It's another cold & rainy day. 

I thought I'd share a few things I've been working on with you. 

Here are a few makeovers:



before (was a previous makeover)


I'm still trying to finish up my cabinet.  It used to have red plaid in the top door panels but I wanted to try something different so I got some muslin to put in the panels instead.  One side is pleated & one side is not.  I'm not sure I like either side.  The hubby says it's too bright.  I think I may have to keep looking for some fabric.  What do you think?


after (so far)

Does either side look ok? The unpleated one is just barely on that's why it's kinda wavy ~ it would be smooth if I leave it.  Do you think the muslin is too white?  I'm not sure what I think so any input would be appreciated. :O)  I'd love some tin punch panels but that's not in the budget!

Oh ~ I almost forgot! I started my first punch needle yesterday!!!  WAY back when,  Rhonda from Simple Thyme Prims had sent me a kit, a how to book, & a pattern to try out.  Well I finally remembered to get some thread yesterday & I think I'm going to really like doing it!  Of course I need LOTS of practice. I had only bought 2 colors because I forgot my pattern at home, so I didn't get too far.

 Here's what I did ~ promise me you won't point & laugh! lol

Hope you have a good day!


Ashley said...

awesome girl!

Christine said...

I love your redo's! The bowl rack color is my favorite!
Keep on punchin' I think your doing great!
Best wishes

lilraggedyangie said...

Your the bestest redoer EVER! feel free to come raid my fabric stash ! O and love the cabinet but am super impressed with your punch needle you go girl!

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

you can always stain your muslin to tone it down a little. I liked the homespun and I'm sure the muslin will look great, too.
love the recipe box and bowl rack.
I love makeovers!
Warmest autumn blessings, my friend,

Carmen at Primcats said...

Love your new redo's! Looking good! You are the master of finishes. Dang girl!

Hmmmmm... not loving the pleats. Not loving the white. Maybe grungy? Tea stained? WHat about chicken wire infront of it? Hmmmmm.

Carmen and the Primcats

Carmen at Primcats said...

Oh shoot... your bee skeep is ADORABLE! pretty good for a first go!

Anonymous said...

I love your make overs. I also think the muslin is a little bright. I liked the homespun fabric with maybe chicken wire like Carmen suggested.
Your needle punch looks good. I haven't tried any of that.
Country at heart

myomyohi said...

Come shop at the shop of Mom. I bet we can find something you like better... if not, I say grunge it up a bit.

Country Whispers said...

You've been busy!
I like all your re-do's.
I was going to suggest chicken wire too!
And I like the idea of tea-dye on the muslin.
Have a great weekend!