September 19, 2011

Country Living Fair & Some Pumpkins

Hi ~ hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.  Mine was pretty good.  The hubby took me thrift store shopping on Saturday but I didn't find anything good which was ok since I got so many goodies on Friday. We had fun running around together.  On Sunday my mom, my aunt, her friend, & I all went to the Country Living Fair down in Columbus. Just let me say it was


It was huge! I would've never imagined it would've been so big & full of so many different kinds of booths.   They even had demonstrations going on given by the magazine staff. We had a blast.  We were there for 4 hours & we were all beat by the time we left but we had a good time. :O)  I didn't have a whole lot of money & it cost $16 to get in (which was about 1/2 of my $ to begin with! lol) but I still managed to get a few goodies.

 some coasters that made me think of my whiskey lovin hubby named Joe! lol
they were too perfect to pass up
this little hanging star candle holder ~ i have an obsession with stars!

I also bought my sis Lil Raggedy Angie something very cool for her birthday but since her bday isn't till Wednesday ~ you'll have to wait till then see the pic. :O)

I managed to get a few pumpkins made for the house & a scarecrow for my wall.  Now I just need a few more inside & to finish up some outside decorations & I think I'll be done decorating.  I know what I want to do ~ I just need to get it done!

~ this is my fav ~

~he's not so bright looking in person~

Well I'm off to get Cody from school. Hope everyone has a great day!


Anonymous said...

Rachel, Your pumpkins turned out really nice. Love the different colors. I have some in the works but haven't had much time to work on them.
I just got back from the Doctor since it was blood drawing time, ugh! It is raining down here and I just might go in the craft room and work on them pumpkins. I also love anything with stars on it. Can't wait to see what you picked up Angie for her birthday.
I had heard about the Country Living Fair in Columbus, but I have never been. I bet there were lots to see. Enjoy your goodies.
Country at heart

Carmen at Primcats said...

I really wanted to go to the country living show but I just could not justify the money. :( WOuld you say it was worth it?

Love love love the star. so cute. And the coasters.

The pumpkin stack is adorable too! Primtastic!

Carmen and the Primcats

myomyohi said...

Did you make the wooden scarecrow? I'm impressed if you did.

The Moonlit Stitch said...

I love your pumpkins Rachel! Good finds at the show too! Wish we had something like that around here! ~*~Lisa

TheCrankyCrow said...

I read about the CL fair on your mum's blog - wow - what I wouldn't give to go to something like that (yup, even $16!) ;o) So glad you caught the fall decorating train! Your pumpkins are looking all kinds of awesome! Love that stack!! And those coasters are sweet! Hope hubby appreciated you spending your money on something for him!! Wishing you a great week! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

annie said...

So glad you had a great time! Enjoy your goodies, you did a great job on your pumpkins!

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

I'm so jealous that you got to go to the Country Living Fair ~ oh how I would love to go ~ some year I'll make it there! What no pics to share??? The coasters are cute!
Look at all those wonderful creations you made ~ Love them!!!
Prim Blessings

Stacy said...

Hi there~ sounds like fun, someday I want to go to the Country Living Fair!! I just love your goodies too!
Have a great day~Stacy