September 16, 2011

Some Cheap Thrills

Happy Friday!
It's another nice, cool, fallish kinda day today in Ohio.  It's a little overcast but it's not raining so it's just fine. I got up & took the kiddo to school & decided since my hubby had left $10 on the dresser it was a sign I should find me some yard sales.  I'm very happy I did . 

 Just look at all the stuff I got for $7 ~ plus I got Cody 4 pairs of jeans & 2 shirts! Whoo hoo!!

~look I found a couple pumpkins & some leaves~
~ the big thing in the back is a peg rack type thing - i think it'll be really cute repainted~

~my favorite thing from today ~ this little pitcher for .25 cents ~ it's definitely old -the paint is all crackled looking -i'm not sure what the stamp says but it's made in the USA~

~ $1 enamelware pot -it's nice & big -not old but very cool~
~closeup of the lil brown crock for .25 cents~
~closeup of the scoop-it'll be very prim after a paint job-it had 2 potholders inside so i didn't even know it said "our daily bread" on it - .25cents~

It still amazes me after all these years of bargain shopping & yard sailing how good a bargain can make you feel.  I'm like a giddy school girl now! lol  I'm so thankful that my mom & grandma have always loved a good bargain. People who don't yard sale or thrift shop are missing out!!

Well I'm off to do the dishes so it looks like I accomplished something today besides bringing home more junk.  Hope everyone has a great day!


Trace4J said...

You scored big girlfriend.
I just love thrifting and yard sales.
It is so exciting.
Hugs Friend

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

I also get giddy when I get a bargain. Tomorrow is the big church rummage sale and I have been anxious all week, just thinking about it!
And in the same area and on the same day--the firehouse sale. I have gotten some really, really great deals down there.
Love your scoop-know you will transform it into something primperfect!
You should do makeovers and take them to the shows with Angie! So many people see things for what they are and never see what they can be. You have that foresight and make some awesome things!
Warmest autumn blessings,

Christine said...

WOOHOO! Fantastic bargains!
Enjoy primming them up!
Best wishes

Ellie's Country Accents said...

What great finds!! I love days like that.

Anonymous said...

Hope the hubby didn't leave the ten dollars for you to get something specific. Oh well, no note attached means free money to spend I say.
It does feel good coming away with some bargains. Especially under $10.00. You really found some good stuff and some fall decor too.
I love thrift stores, goodwill, yard sales and flea markets. You just never know what people will have to sell. Yes, there are people who think bargain and thrift shopping is beneath them.
I know a few of those people, they are very wasteful and throw things away in the garbage because it is not the latest thing. They can just throw that stuff my way, I'm not too proud to take second hand stuff, especially when it's free. When that happens, it's a good day.
Country at heart

TheCrankyCrow said...

Woo Hoo Girlfriend! Fun finds! There, now I feel better - kinda feels like I actually got to do some sale hopping myself! Glad to see you found some fall goodies. I was beginning to get a bit worried about you! Now off to the dishes for me too! :o( Happy Friday! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

annie said...

Those were great bargains, love the little pitcher esp. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Country Whispers said...

This cooler weather is just awesome.
You got some really great finds today!

My Primitive Creations by Tonya said...

$10 on yard sale day..YeeHaa doesn't get better then that and you done found yourself some Fall decor to boot... I'd say you got good reason to get all gitty and giggly..

Have a great weekend!!


BumbleBeeLane said...

I can just imagine how prim they'll be when you're done with them.I enjoy saling but don't have much time for makeovers so I tend to pass alot up.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

Wow~ love your finds~ my fav's are the pitcher & the pot!!
enjoy the fall air~

Carol said...

Brownie point for hubby for leaving you that mad money to spend. What a frugal shopper you are and that's a good thing:-) Great lot of items you got there, especially the clothing for your son. That scoop is neat with the quote inside it.

Vicki said...

Thrift shopping is my #1 favorite thing to do with shopping yard sales coming in a close second. :) I love all your finds!