October 31, 2011

October 26, 2011

Halloween Fun


I wanted to stop in & share with you one of my favorite & most crazy Halloween "costumes" yet.  

Just look at my HUGE belly!! My son was born 2 1/2 weeks after Halloween.

 My ex hubby painted my belly for me & I passed out candy to trick or treaters sitting down...it was so funny!!   Some of the kids didn't even realize it was my belly hanging out.  I had a blast!! 

Anyone ever done anything like that?!?  I always say if I have another baby some day I'd love to have another  late Fall baby just so I could paint my belly again!! lol

Hope everyone is enjoying their week ~ I'm off to work on some crafty stuff (finally! yay!). 

October 24, 2011

Me A to Z

A ~Age is 31 (feelin old these days!) 

B~Barefoot~that's how I'd love to spend the rest of my days~I HATE wearing socks & shoes with a passion~soon as I come through the door, they come off

C~Cody ~my son ~ my everything. He is such a rotten ~sweet~kind little guy

D~Dads~I've been blessed with two fathers~my biological father Jim & my stepfather Mark

E~Ears pierced? yep twice but I'm a simple kinda girl & usually just have my diamond studs & plain silver studs in ~unless I have a "hot" date then I might change them out

F~Friends & Family~they are the most important thing in the world~all the "junk" we collect along the way is nothing ~ your family & friends are what matters

G~Glasses~ gotta have them to see~I'm near sighted~someday I want lasik though

H~Hat~not really a hat kinda girl~although broke down & bought one last winter because the bus stop was just too darn cold without one

I~Ice cream~LOVE it!My favorite sundae is the turtle sundae ~ hot fudge & caramel with walnuts on top~yummy!!!

J~Joe~my hubby~my best friend

K~Kitchen~it's my favorite room of the house~I love to cook & I love to feed people~it makes me happy

L~Laugh~everyone should laugh more often~my favorite person to laugh with is my younger sis Kimmy~we have this really annoying laugh we can do exactly the same way & it drives my hubby crazy!

M~Middle Child that's me! And my sisters would tell you I have a bad case of "Middle Child Syndrome" lol

N~Nicknames~ Ray Ray~Rach~Roach~Ray~Babycakes

O~Orange juice is my favorite juice ~gotta have some ice in it though!

P~"Princess Bed" is what my hubby & son call my queen size sleigh bed because it's so high off the ground

Q~Queen of Casseroles~nickname my sis Lil Raggedy Angie & Princess have bestowed on me because casseroles are my favorite thing to cook

R~Red~My grandma Red~my mom's mom~Grandma June who I have my tattoo for~she was an amazing woman~I miss her terribly every day~she taught us how to sew~how to refinish~how to be thrifty ~to junk~so many things

S~Snore?~It's been rumored but I always deny it!

T~Tattoos ~ I have 5 at the moment ~would love some more.  This one is my favorite one ~it's on my left shoulder(in the front) & in memory of my grandma June

U~Underwater~the way I swim ~can't swim above water very well so I don't usually bother

V~Vehicle ~2000 Isuzu Rodeo ~my first SUV & I LOVE how much junk I can pack into it

W~Weep~that's what I do over any sad or sappy love story~I've even been known to cry over a commercial~I'm a cryer big time! The hubby stares at me whenever a movie gets a little sad because he KNOWS what's coming!

X~Xrays? Just one actual xray ~when I was little my dad would swing us around by one arm & one leg (I guess we loved it!) & one night he accidentally pulled my arm out of socket

Y~Yoga?Yoodle? Yo-Yo? Nah can't do any very good

Z~Zoo animal I love? Giraffe~if I get to come back as an animal in another life I would want to be a giraffe~I think they are beautiful

October 19, 2011

Yes I'm still alive!!

Wow! I have been a bad blogger! It's been over a week since I've posted! Holy Canoli!
You'd think since I've been slacking on blogging that I was really busy or something but unfortunately that wasn't the case.  I've just have a major case of the "lazies" lately (in all aspects of my life! lol).  But I will share the few things that have been going on.

First I finished my 1st punch needle.  Now of course it's not perfect but I think it turned out pretty good.  Now I just need to turn it into a lil tuck. I can't wait to start my next one!

Last Friday Miss Carmen from Primcats came over & we had a crafty night.  We made two ghosts for her porch ~ drank a few amaretto sours & some wine ~ rearranged some of my stuff ~ and had a good time.  
Here's her new ghosties

Carmen also had a sewing lesson & sewed the bodies of the ghosts all by herself! I'm happy to report she did   an amazing job & didn't even get injured!! lol

She brought me two firkins to redo for her ~ since I've been slacking I haven't started them yet, but Carmen I promise they are on this weeks "to do" list!! lol

Other than that, not a lot has been going on here.  It's been rainy the last few days so it hasn't helped my laziness.  I did attempt my first pumpkin roll for the hubby today.  I don't like pumpkin roll so I haven't tried it so we'll have to wait till he gets home later to see if it gets the seal of approval or not!! Usually Lil Raggedy Angie makes him one for Christmas but he just couldn't wait that long this year! 

Well that's it for me ~ hope everyone is enjoying their week! I promise to try to be a better blogger!! 

October 10, 2011

Redos For Sale :O)

I hope everyone is enjoying their Monday.  Mine is pretty uneventful so far ~ I'm lacking in motivation big time! lol

I wanted to share a few redos I finished last week. I really love to redo wood stuff but I can't keep it all so if anyone is interested in any of these, shoot me an email. I'll probably be listing some more stuff later in the week too.


~$5 + shipping~
(measures 16" l x 6 1/2"w x 4" deep)

~i forgot to take individual pics of the two wooden stands in the back but they are what I redid~

~$8 + shipping~
(this one is pretty big - 7"t x 12" wide)
(5 1/2"t x 8" round)

Enjoy your day & thanks for stopping by!

October 7, 2011

Prims By the Water Scavenger Hunt Clue #10

Janice over at Prims by the Water is taking pity on me & poor Patti & giving us all the final clue for her scavenger hunt.  If you still want to join ~ you can! You have till Oct 10th to post your pics ~ you could win all this:

Clue #10

While I was Gone

Things went Awry

Robin & Angie got a little Catty

Causing Patti and Rachel

To become quite Batty.

So now I am Asking

For this final Clue

All you little wicked witchies

Quit sniffing the Glue!

I'm really not sure what the answer is to this one!! So I'm going to be different & post this:

A thank you & my cabinet reveal part 2

Happy Friday everyone! It is a glorious, warm, sunny day in my neck of the woods.  Sorry I've been slacking on posting this week.  We've had several nice days in a row & I have been enjoying them while I can!

I recently won a giveaway over at Ellie's Country Accents & my package came today.  I was so very excited to receive my gift (I won Miss Witch) but I wanted to wait till Cody got home from school today till I opened it so he could share in my excitement.  When we opened up the box we found Miss Witch ( I love her ~ she's super cute!) & a couple of surprise gifts too!

Ms. Ellie sent Cody a Halloween goody bag with an adorable Halloween cat & some candy! He was so excited!! She also included a very yummy smelling candle & a super cute Halloween candle mat. 
~Miss Witch~
(ignore my wallpaper in the background -its on my "to-un-do" list!)
~my new candle mat (my only one) ~ LOVE it!

~Mr. Cody is a ham (he gets that from his father~lol) so I had to take a picture of him with each part of his gift! lol The poor chocolate covered marshmallow in the last picture didn't last but like 2 seconds! He said it was very good tho!~

Thank you again Ellie ~ I love everything & so does Cody. Thank you for including him in your kindness ~ you made his day & mine. 
If you haven't checked out Ellie's blog, please stop over & say hi :

I also wanted to show you guys my finished kitchen cabinet.  I ended up just using the tea stained muslin & losing the pleats.  I really like how it turned out.  Now I'm thinking the other cabinet in my kitchen needs painted! lol

I painted & stained several redos this morning then left them out in the sun to dry, so I will have those to share with you next time. 

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend.  I'm looking forward to spending some lazy time with my guys.

Prims By the Water Scavenger Hunt Clue #8

I believe this round goes to Ms. Janice ~ too funny... Here's my #8 for the third time!

Clue #8


1 ~ 2 ~ 3

You can always COUNT

on ME!
For anyone that is totally lost ~ head over to Janice's blog & see what's going on :O)

October 6, 2011

Prims By The Water Scavenger Hunt Clue #8 - For Real this time!! lol

Miss Janice over at Prims By the Water is having a great Halloween scavenger hunt & you could win all these great goodies! Stop on over & check it out

Clue #8

Hey ladies this is Me

Tall, dark and Lanky

With bolts in my Neck

Doc calls me Frankie.

my jack o lantern dressed up as Mr.Frankenstein

Ladies ~ this is my second attempt at clue #8 ~ I do believe some mischievous activity has been going on! lol

Have fun! 

Primitive At Heart 100th Post Giveaway

Help Patti celebrate her 100th post by visiting her blog & signing up for her awesome giveaway!

Hurry her giveaway ends October 14th!

Prims By The Water Scavenger Hunt Clue #8

Miss Janice over at Prims By the Water is having the best scavenger hunt ever (lol) & if you haven't joined yet whatcha waitin on?!?! You could still join & win all of these goodies:

So here's clue #8
~yes I'm late & I had to steal this from a certain crow because I don't see it on Janice's blog & I don't know why?!?! ~

"He's my familiar

and my best friend....

Black as night

and to my mice

he does tend...."

I had to add my kitty Sammy ~ she's not all black but she's our favortie kitty at my house :O)

October 5, 2011

Prims By the Water Scavenger Hunt Clue #7

Good morning ladies!
I'm doing a quick post of my scavenger hunt picture before I take the kid to school this morning.  Last night I decided I wouldn't get on the computer after supper to check my blog or my farmville (it about killed me but I seriously have some obsessiveness going on here! lol) so I am late posting this. But here we go anyways:

Clue #7

What the heck happened?

Is this a curse?

All wrapped in bandages

Guess it could be worse.

(I know you've guys already seen him but he's the only one I've got :O) )

Hope everyone enjoys their day! I think we are having a little bit of Indian summer again today & I can't wait!

October 4, 2011

A thank you for a sweet swap

Hi everybody!

Take a look at my wonderful swap goodies from Ms. Linda Parker :

~she made me a personalized stitchery - I just love it!~
(sorry pic is bad -if i turned off my flash it was blurry -if it was on it glared! ugh!)

~I love these 2 stitcheries too ~ she does such a beautiful job on them :) ~
And sweet Linda added 2 table runners to my box too (my frames were wrapped in them)

Thank you again Linda! I LOVE LOVE them all!

October 3, 2011

Prims by the Water Scavenger Hunt Clue #6

Clue #6

Often you can see Me

Straight Through

Sometimes you hear me Singing

Bippety Boppity BOO!

Thanks for the fun Janice ~ ck out her fun filled scavenger hunt here:

October 2, 2011

Prims By the Water Scavenger Hunt Clue #5

Clue #5

You will find me Riding

Without my Noggin

Tho being on a Horse

Sure beats Joggin'

I had to venture to the internet ~ I sure didn't have him in the house! lol

If you are lost ~ check out Janice's blog Prims by the Water to get in on the scavenger hunt fun!

October 1, 2011

Ornie & Bowl Filler Update

 I just wanted to do a quick post & let everyone know that all my ornies and bowl fillers can be mixed & matched with each other.  Also if there is any special kinds you might be wanting but don't see, please don't hesitate to ask me ~ I might be able to make them for you.  I hope to get some Christmas started next week too.

Oh, also any of the bowl fillers can be made into ornies too.  :)

Thanks for stopping by & I hope everyone has a great weekend!