February 28, 2011

It's Raining Cats & Dogs!!

What a way to start the week...went to bed last night to some rain outside my window only to be woke up @ 430 this morning to the tornado siren going off!! Now I'm a self proclaimed WEENIE when it comes to storms -I've always have been -always will be...so I jumped right up -woke up the hubby & kid -grabbed the cat & took off for the basement.  As we got to the basement we were greeted with about an inch of water!!! I couldn't believe it! We've lived here almost 2 years & it has never flooded! Thank goodness we have a room that was added before we moved in & it sits up on some 2x4 boards that was high engough & still dry or our new computer would've been soaked! Luckily my husband unplugged our drain in the floor & it has all went down. Our little street isn't flooded either. Unfortanetly other people in town have not been so lucky.  My poor sister just lives 5 mins across town & she has like 3 feet of water in her basement! Streets all over are flooded ... it's crazy! All our schools were canceled again 2day...the poor kids will be making up days till next fall @ this rate!!

Here's a few pics of my sister's basement & of a neighborhood of a friend of mine's:

Anyhow - while I'm thankful to only have a little bit to dry out - I'm worried about those who don't. I'm going to keep them in my prayers that they can get dried out quickly & without too much lost.

We had my husband's cousin, his girlfriend, & their 2 kids stay this weekend so our house is a total disaster!! My major OCD is kicking in so I'll probably spend most of the day cleaning up ...hopefully I can get something crafty done today though too.

I hope all my fellow OHIOIANS are keeping dry & safe - everywhere else too for that matter. Hopefully your Monday started out better than ours!

February 25, 2011

Happy Friday & Happy Snow Day!!!

Happy Friday to all! The weatherman actually got the forecast right last night...we got a nice load of snow dropped on us overnight & during the morning hours.  The schools are all closed today - my poor little road in town hasn't seen a plow @ all yet today...probably be 2 more days before they get to my little street ..but all is good.  Usually I am NOT a lover of the cold or of the snow for that matter, but today was different. 

Now I usually pawn off going outside to "play" in the snow onto my husband (i know-i'm a terrible mother!) but since he was at work I decided to venture out.  And I must say I'm glad I did!! I shoveled our driveway & sidewalks (I've decided that is equal to @ LEAST 2 days of exercise -right?!?)-boy it was hard work! I have been spoiled & have forgotten how much work it actually is! And we have a small driveway!!! It was sad!!

Then me & Cody made a snowman ...

I must say I think he is the ugliest snowman I've ever seen but the kid was happy so that's all that matters!!
So here's to a HAPPY FRIDAY  - may you enjoy the day -even if you are buried in a foot of snow like us!!

February 24, 2011

Hi! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thursday! My day was spent running to the doctor's office with my son Cody, where we found out that he has a sinus infection! :( She gave us some meds & said he should be good to go back to school tomorrow.  I think he's actually happy to be going back - he hasn't went @ all this week! Although if we get all the snow we are supposed to 2nite (6-9"!!) he might not be going tomorrow either!! I guess we'll just have to wait & see how it goes.  I'm glad he's on some meds & on his way to feeling better.  He's been so good about being sick...he's still been just as happy as usual -just stuffed up & coughing! He amazes me everyday...I'm a very lucky mommy!


Cody and I worked on some grungy "spring" eggs last night- they aren't done yet but by the end of the weekend they should be.  All this spring talk has got me wanting to make something "springy"...I realized I don't have hardly any spring decorations! Here's a pic of the eggs so far - I'll post a pic when we finally finish them
Cody got to put the coffee/cinnamon mix on them by shaking them up in a container - he was very amused!

heres some I already had "grunged" up so I put my coat of paint on - now I just need to age/crustify them

While we were out for the doctor's office we stopped by my sister's house & picked up a bag of goodies she had gotten for me

I can't wait to get to craftin with them! I was very amused! She always picks up good stuff for me - she's a crafter too.  She's started a blog too - you should check her out if you get a minute - http://lilraggedyangie.blogspot.com/ she's just getting started but she makes some pretty cute felt stuff & prim dolls.

Well that's all I've got for now.  Hopefully I can be "crafty" this weekend & actually finish some stuff! Hope everyone has a great Friday!

Ps. I have a question - Somehow the other day I when I changed my contact email for my blog I somehow managed to be following my blog?!?! I can't figure out how to un-do it either! Has anyone else had this problem? I am very computer illiterate ...it's so sad!

February 23, 2011


Thought I'd drop in & say hi! I haven't got much craftin done this week so far...Sunday we had my son's favorite cousin stay all night since the boys didn't have school on Monday.  They had a blast playin & ransacking the house! When we took him home on Monday -the usual 40 min drive took us 1 1/2 hrs to go one way thanks to getting like 4ins of snow in a matter of hours! It was crazy!!!! I know everyone has said this but I am soooo sick of winter! We had a tease last week with temps in the 60s or so and now I have spring fever bad!! Yesterday my lil man was home sick from school - looks like he's going to be home again today too.  He seems to have a head cold but I'm worried he might have the flu.  Of course our doctor can't get him in till tomorrow morning, so as long as he doesn't get worse I think I'll wait & take him to see her.  I haven't been very impressed with the urgent care centers around my area... I know they aren't "family" drs but they don't seem very thorough....I don't know - probably just cause I really like are family doctor. So if in between snuggles & cold medicine I happen to get something done, I'll post it on here. But for now all I've got to show is a little place mat/candle rug I made to put under the napkin holder on my table.
  Here's the pic of it on my craft table:
Here's a pic of it on my actual table:

I'm amused with it since it only took my a lil while 2 do and I just used some scraps I had.

Well I hope everyone has a great day & stays germ free & warm!! 

February 22, 2011

Giveaway from Mamawscreations

Mamaws Creations is having a giveaway of an absolutely adorable bunny! Please stop over & check here out ... she only needs 5 more followers to be @100 too!


February 21, 2011

The Prairie Patch: Prairie Patch's First Ever Perfectly Prim Link Par...

The Prairie Patch is having a link party - stop on over & check it out! The link is below since I'm a total dork & can't figure out how to add a button!!! lol

The Prairie Patch: Prairie Patch's First Ever Perfectly Prim Link Par...: "Let's have some link party fun!! For the first Prairie Patch Perfectly Prim Link Party, please link up anything prim you have - whethe..."

February 20, 2011

Giveaway Winner!!

Hi everyone! I had my son draw a name out of the bowl I'm giving away....and the winner is ......


My flash was too bright but I swear that's what the paper said! LOL  So send me your name & address & I'll get your package out to you ASAP!!!

Thanks again to my followers - I'm am very happy to be bloggin again & enjoy everyone else's blogs so much!

Hope everyone had a wonderful day & here's to a great Monday!  My son has one of his favorite cousins staying all night since there is no school tomorrow! So I will be spending mine chasin two very ornery little boys around the house - tryin to keep sane!! :)

Lazy Sunday....for now!

Hey everyone! I just wanted to stop by and do a quick post this morning.  I spent this weekend so far with my hubby- running around and getting a few things we needed for the house and a few things we really DIDN'T need but still wanted! lol It was a lot of fun. My son had to go to his dad's house but thankfully we get to pick him up around 6! It's always nice on Friday night for the first few hours of "alone" time I have but then I start to miss him terribly and begin the countdown to when he'll be home.  Only 6 more hours! Whoo hoo!  Hopefully the day will pass quickly - it should...we still have some runnin to do and some cleanin! Wont be nearly as much fun but it'll be ok! lol

I decided what I wanted to send out for my giveaway ... here's a pic

I didn't "construct" the actual items but I did paint them & prim them up.  I hope whoever gets them will like them.  I had a really tough time deciding what to include! I don't know how other people chose what to "giveaway" but I wanted to send all kinds of stuff!! I'll have my son pick the name out tonight when he gets home & I'll post the winner then.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday .... I better get movin on my to do list!

February 18, 2011


Hallelujah!! I finally have internet service again!! WHOO HOOO!! It has been a very long 9 months here @ my house without the internet.  At first I told myself that it wasn't a big deal...I could handle having no internet...I could use my mom's computer, etc, etc ....it would be fine.  Boy was I wrong!! I had major withdraw!! It was so sad :(! I didn't realize just how much I loved checking out everyone's blogs & posts everyday.  My creativity has dwindled down significantly....I've been flipping through the same 2 Country Samplers for months now! LOL It'll probably take me a couple weeks just to catch up on all the posts/blogs I have missed but it will be great! :)

I am getting a few things together for a giveaway....I was going to do a giveaway when I got 50 followers but I didn't have internet @ the time ....so it may be a little late but I still would like to show some appreciation for the followers that I have got! So I will be posting the items hopefully tomorrow or Sunday and I will have my little boy pick out a name from my followers & that will be the winner.  I'll keep ya posted!

Hope everyone has a great day!