November 3, 2011

New Bowl Fillers & Ornies

For the first time in what feels like FOREVER ~ I've actually been super busy creating stuff this week!!  I've got tons of WIPs laying around ~there is salt dough all over my house! lol  

Here's the new bowl fillers & ornies I have completed though.

"Flakey" bowl fillers ~$10 + shipping~

"Flakey II" bowl fillers ~$10 + shipping~

"Mittens" bowl fillers ~$10 + shipping~

snowman on star ornie ~ $2 ea or 6 for $10 + shipping

snowman ornie ~ $2 ea or 6 for $10 + shipping

I also made the hubby a "Chevy" ornie for the Christmas tree  :O)

I'm working on some Christmas bowl fillers & ornies today.  I hope to have them done tomorrow to share with you.  
I'm also trying to finish up a new punch needle I started & a Santa head.  I feel like I'm all over the place ~ while my salt dough has been cooking or paint has been drying ~ I've been sewing or punching! It feels good to be making stuff again ~ I felt like I was in a rut! 

~my Santa head ~ he needs a nose & some eyes & some more grungyness~

~not sure what color to do the star in yet ~

I'm behind on my blog reading but hopefully I can catch up with everyone this weekend.  My aunt is taking Cody to a Lego event on Saturday in Cleveland (about 2 hrs from here).  He's going to be so excited!! I'm not telling him till tomorrow night because I know it'll kill him to have to wait to go! He's a major Lego fan! We're actually having a Lego birthday party for him in 2 weeks ~ his first "friends from school only" party! lol

Well I think I'm done rambling for now ~ I'm off to start supper.  Hope everyone has a wonderful evening!


Country Whispers said...

I love those bowl fillers with the added sparkly glitter.

myomyohi said...

Everything looks great. You're like your have to create to be happy.

bettyj said...

your new bowl fillers are so pretty. I am getting my sheep and stars out the first of the week. I started decorating a little yesterday, just to keep busy I think.

Stacy said...

Hi there :)
your ornaments and bowl fillers are adorable!!! Love them
Have a great night~Stacy

jennifer768 said...

I'd say you have been busy!Love all of your bowl fillers and ornaments. Hugs,Jen

lilraggedyangie said...

Love all the new salt dough ,super cute , I always have said and still do your the best there is ! Cant wait to see the finished santa ! And Cody is gonna flip out when he finds out where hes going how fun , hope he and Luke have a fabulous time !

Raggedy Creations said...

luv your snowmen salt doughs Rachel.


Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Cody will be so excited to go to Legoland! My Sean--he is 37 now--was a Lego nut as a child. He played with them for hours. Sweet memories...
I agree with Angie. Your salt dough are simply the best. I just love them. That's why I was gutsy enough to ask you to make some for me!

TheCrankyCrow said...

You're the salt dough queen Rachel....Love 'em! But that Santa head has me truly intrigued....looks like it's going to be all kinds of cool! And what a fun surprise for Cody....My son was a Lego NUT!! Oh - I so miss those days...from prying legos out of his fist after he fell asleep, to converting every inch of his room for some place to display his latest creation....those days pass quickly. (Now we've graduated to car parts....) ;o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

annie said...

I love your creations, they are just fabulous, such creativity! Hope I get to see your Santa finished, so far he looks wonderful. My Son used to love Lego blocks too. We stepped on pieces for years! I'm sure he will love the trip. Hope he has a great birthday too!

Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

Love your bowl fillers! So cute

BumbleBeeLane said...

The mittens are adorable.Love the snowman heads too.Your poor aunt LoL Two hour drive with a excited kid.Been your getting your inspiration back.Hugs!~Amy

Carmen and the Primcats said...

Look at you go go girl! Making stuff again! Good for you! Can't wait to see your santa head! He looks super prim!

Carmen and the Primcats

Anonymous said...

Love all your ornies, especially the mittens and snowflakes. They would look great on my primitive tree.
Nice job as usual. I bet Cody will be so thrilled to find out his surprise.
Country at heart

A Primitive Homestead said...

Happy birthday to your little guy. My kids played legos & I with them. So fun it was. I would like to see your Santa as you progress. Those bowl fillers are so cute. Blessings!

Cottonwood Lane Primitives said...

Your creations are wonderful! I can't wait to see the finished Santa. Love the little hat perched on his head! How fun for your son! My oldest loved his Legos--we had the Lego party too. Fun times! ~Roberta

Lynn said...

Rachel your new ornies are too cute!! I am in awe!! I am going to bite the bullet and try some of my own. Hugs and hope Cody had a great time at the Legos event!