May 11, 2011

Mr.B & the squirrel

Boy am I tired! I feel like I have been running non-stop for the past couple of days!! I didn't manage to get anything accomplished yesterday @ all! By the time I got off the computer & attempted to finish a few craft projects it was time to go get the kiddo from school. So I picked him up & we headed to the post office to mail out my swap gift for Ronda over @ SimpleThymePrims....I sure hope she likes it! :D Anyways ~ when we got home from the post office my 70 year old neighbor was on top of his roof!! I about died! Now let me tell you something about my neighbors~ I am very blessed to live beside/across from a couple of really sweet people. We have named Mr.B (the one on the roof) as Mr. Neighborhood watch/approval committee ~ he's so sweet but he loves to come over & let us know if we are doing our projects right! lol  In the past couple of weeks I have helped Mr. B a few times - once I even injured him with a screwdriver (which he doesn't let me forget lol) trying to help him with his gutter but today has been the most extreme case. Anyways ~ we pull up & his wife is in the driveway & Mr.B is on the roof, so of course I headed straight over to find out just what the heck he was doing! Well I guess a squirrel had gotten in his chimney & was in the ceiling of their porch so Mr. B thought he'd climb up & put some screen over the chimney! Needless to say I climbed up with him (he dropped his screws -which I cleaned up for him) & then I talked him into climbing down & letting my hubby help him when he got home in a few minutes. I've never been so nervous in my life!! I thought for sure Mr. B was going to fall off & kill himself! Luckily he got down safely & after an hour & a half of killin time till my hubby actually got there & then fixed the problem ~ Mr.B's chimney was squirrel proof! I felt like his mother yelling at him that he better not get back on that roof again!! It was crazy!! So after we helped Mr.B we had to run & get some paint, so then we ate out (LOVE the Arby's chicken salad & I had a free coupon~yippee!) then we came home determined to get something done but then some friends stopped over & by the time they left it was time for the kid to go to bed & we hadn't even done homework yet!! SO I didn't get anything much done :( Today I am DETERMINED to get my "TO DO" list done! We'll see ;O)  The sun is shining so beautifully this morning ~ I turned on our a/c last night ~ me & Code were burning up! I really hated too but we live in town & I'm a big weenie ~I don't like to sleep with the windows open so it had to be done! lol

I'm sorry I don't have any pictures to share with you today~I sure hope I do tomorrow! I hope everyone has a beautiful Spring day!!


myomyohi said...

I'm glad you're keeping an eye on your older neighbors and you got Mr. B down without injuring him :) I enjoyed the pics.

Denise * KKL Primitives said...

Mr. B is lucky to have you watch out for him! Glad you got down from the roof yourself without falling off!
hope you are able to get some craft work done today. Enjoy your day.

peggy said...

no pictures necessary, you did a good job with words. Mr. B. sounds somewhat like me. My neighbors are always saying You should get someone to do that for you. I have an answer ready for them...I do my own work (well, almost always.) In this case, you were a good neighbor, a very good one and they are lucky to have you.

peggy said...

P.S. Forgot to tell you, I love the longhorn!