May 10, 2011

Bubbles & Blooms

I hope everyone enjoyed their Mother's Day! Mine was really nice. My hubby got up with my son & my niece (aka Princess who had spent the night) & let me sleep in ~ he even dug out the craft supplies & helped the kiddos make cards for us mamas! It was very sweet!! Then we headed over to my mom's for brunch & some fun.  While my hubby made my mom a longhorn yard art bull for her yard, I got to spend time with the kids, my mom, & my lil sister. It was a beautiful day out!

(the hubby & his creation-I stole this pic from my mom's blog (lol)! ck out her blog if you haven't yet

My older sister (lil raggedy Angie) has been pretty sick so I kept her daughter yesterday & part of today. Although no crafting has been done we've spent lots of time outside enjoying the nice weather.  Here's a few pics for you ~ I'm off to try to accomplish something crafty & then clean my house...(there is something funky brewing in my pile of dishes in the sink! yuck!!! lol ) Hope everyone has a great day!

Kaylee ~ she LOVES to blow bubbles!
the kiddos hangin out in my hubby's truck bed bein silly!


The Moonlit Stitch said...

Whoa! Your hubby is creative Rachel! Love that bull! That type of art sells well at summer shows around here! Oh to be a kid in the summer again! Funny faces & bubbles - love it! ~*~Lisa

earlene said...

Cute pictures Rachel.

Never So Simple said...

Your long horn is a hit! I love to watch children blowing bubbles. Happy to hear you had a good Mother's Day!


Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

I'm glad Angie has someone close to watch over the little Princess. Looks like the kids get along well together. Who doesn't love bubbles?
And who wouldn't love a Texas Longhorn in their garden? Those would sell around here. Iron/metal garden art is really in.