May 12, 2011

Finally some project pics!

Hi! I just wanted to drop in & share a few pics of some stuff I got finished up for the craft show tomorrow. I still have some things to finish up today. I'm hoping we do good ~ keep your fingers crossed for us! If not I'm going to have a ton of stuff to find new homes for! lol I hope everyone enjoys their day & I'll post tomorrow night & let you know how it goes!

door boxes I showed the other day that were just black & no flowers yet


I think I'm going to add a little "Welcome" sign to this -it's to set on your porch or yard

I've got some bowls "bakin" in the sun! Hope my stain dries!

before/after some red paint - I like it better red :)

my pile of signs

a lil candle holder w/a few bowl fillers

I ran to my Aunt's house this morning & finished up her cabinet I was telling you about last week. It was just plain black before. I think it turned out great! We'll have to wait & see if she likes it!


lilraggedyangie said...

Auntie's cabinet looks good if she doesn't love it she can drop it off at my house! lol Well we may not have sold much but we sure do have good looking stuff and a lot of it , I m thinking I feela big fat give away coming on or Im gonna have to open a store soon or Im gonna run out of house to store it all ! lol Enjoy

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Everything is so nice. I love what you did with the shutters. And I just gave a stack of them to my son. I bet he just used them for firewood!
You do good work, Sweetie!