March 16, 2011

Happy St Patty's Day!

Hi! We had a BEAUTIFUL afternoon here in Ohio! I don't know for sure but I would say the temp was 50ish ~it was great! I spent most of the day outside playing with my niece Kaylee & my son Cody & trying to clean up our yard. Cody was outside from the moment he got home today till almost 8 o'clock & that was only because he had homework to do! Kaylee spent most of the day with me.  She got to play on the swing set & show off how "big" she is now because she can get on the swing by herself when it's raised up for my son Cody (she couldn't do this last summer)! She LOVES to swing! Our swing set has 4 different swings & she likes to just rotate from one to another! :) She also had to ride her bike too! She doesn't really have room @ her house for a bike so she only gets to ride it when she's @ our house.  I wish I would've remembered to take the camera out - the kids were soooo happy! I can't wait to work out in the yard some more tomorrow.  I noticed some flowers sprouting up today & it made me smile! I love - love- being outside! My poor hubby doesn't know it yet but last night I started the "TO DO IN THE YARD" list! hehehe He won't be amused! lol My compulsive lists drive him crazy & this one is only going to get longer I think!

I've also been super busy tryin to catch up some crafty stuff the last 2 days. I've made up for my "lazy" Monday that's for sure!  I've gotten almost all my wooden items that I've been hoarding (or my sis has donated! lol) painted a base coat of black but still need to finish the top coats & stain them up.  I'm hoping to work on those in the morning tomorrow & let them "bake" out in the sun.  I'll post some pics when I get them finished.

This morning before it got nice out, I tried my hand @ some salt dough bowl fillers Kaylee's help.  I got the recipe from Colleen @ . I BARELY had enough salt for 1x of the recipe or I would've made more.  I haven't aged them yet or decided if I want to dip them in wax or just seal them up with modge podge.  They turned out pretty good I think.  I've tried them a couple of other times & they never seem to cook right.  I think Colleen's recipe was the trick this time!

(please excuse my messy craft table! i am the messiest painter ever!!)

Well I think I'll try to age my bowl fillers & head off to bed.  I hope everyone remembers their green tomorrow & has a Happy St Patty's Day!


lilraggedyangie said...

HA HA your a hoarder ! lol heriditary? maybe!lol and compulsive list maker ? I know where we both got that ....MOMMMMMMMMMMMMM ! Why does my child never ever have a shirt on at your house ? lol cody's lil mini me in the making lol she had so much fun shes begging me to go to the dr again today , because she wants to come to your house lol Hopefully you got enough stuff to last ya a day or two last night lol Im thinking thrift store trip tomorrow if ya wanna go let me know! ttyl

myomyohi said...

Kaylee was all excited she was at aunt Rachel's house yesterday.

I have several to do lists going right now. Let me know if you want something specific. Don't forget the old wheelbarrow I have here for you.

And, I totally forgot my green. I'm sitting here in a pink print top and black slacks. Yes, I'm a dork.

rachel said...

Ang - you have NO room to talk about hoarding! U r worse then me! lol Kaylee never has a shirt on cause I'm always trying to keep it clean! Plus she does want to be like Code most of the time! Crazy kids!
Mom- yep u are a dork! i don't have any on either but nobody's here w/me! lol Cody will probably pinch me when he gets home!