March 18, 2011


Hi! This is just a quick post to say Happy Friday! Today is supposed to be another beautiful day here in Ohio.  Yesterday was AWESOME! I spent most of the day cleaning up flower beds & raking up leaves (I really need to start raking more in the fall! lol). I've got to run to the store to get some more leaf bags so I can finish.  Other than that I haven't got a lot accomplished.  I did get my salt dough bowl fillers painted & I really like how they turned out. Oh & I finished up some things for my "pay it forward" -I hope to get them shipped out tomorrow & I hope the ladies like what I send!

Well I think I'm going to go try to get a haircut - I tried to cut bangs myself the other day & screwed them up! I know better but it never stops me! Hopefully they can fix my screw-up! :) I hope everyone has a great day & enjoys their weekend!


lilraggedyangie said...

Hey sis,
those salt doughs sure look good in that candle pan ! Happy raking when you get done my yard is full. ttyl

junkermidge said...

Hi Rachel! Hope I can make your Friday even brighter by telling you that you were the winner of my "spring" giveaway! Congrats! When you get a chance, would you please e-mail me your address? My husband grew up in Massillon so I'm a little familiar with Ohio. Sounds like a nice day there.

junkermidge said...

Rachel, trust me, no one can be dorkier than me!!! I didn't see an email in my box. My e-mail address is:
Midge :)