March 15, 2011

Lazy Monday

I just wanted to drop in & say HI!! Today was such a lazy day for me ...I think our weekend kicked my butt! I was EXTREMELY lazy ....I had 2 naps today!! T-W-O!!! Now I'm a firm believer in naps -I think everyone should have at least 1 a day! but usually I stick to the 1 -but not today! It was ridiculous! Now it's 1 in the morning & I can't sleep! HMMMM wonder why?!?! LOL

Oh well....I plan on being very productive tomorrow.  It's supposed to be 50ish but rainy here so I'm going to try to get all theses "projects" I've got that need sanded, painted, stained -done.  Thursday is supposed to be like 65 here & I'm dyin to get outside & clean up our yard! I have so many things I want to do - I can't wait!!

The pic @ the top of the blog is of a lil sheep I made Friday.  I only have 3 sheep in the house & 2 of them I've made! I really like sheep...I told my hubby we should be sheep farmers! He wasn't impressed!! LOL

Well I'm off to surf the net for some garden inspiration pics! Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!!


lilraggedyangie said...

Love the sheep sis ! hey drove by that new store uptown today wanted to stop but chuckie poo say s you got enough stuff and why go when u can make it all at home , I mean everyone comes over and thinks im running a sideline hob lob or something lol but i wasnt impressed with window display most of new stuff was import mass produced what wasnt was there from last time we stopped hmmm. i just got my 48 eggs done got bunches of bunnies and dolls cut out now if her highness would just let me sew!!!!ttyl get to paintin I may hit thrift stores on way south to have dinner with the inlaws tomorrow !:0) hahaha that means more work for you lol

Lorna/Live Oak Primitive Peddler said...

Cute little sheep!! I love sheep too, and we are sheep farmers.8-)
I love those naps too and since I have been awake since 2 this morning I just might try having two today!!

michelle said...

I hear ya on the naps,I love to take a nap,when I can.I tried last to week to clean outside,then it snowed again.Such a mess in my flower beds.Im not touching again till I know for sure no more snow,but Im so aching to get out there in the dirt,lol.have a great day !blessings and hugs michelle

rachel said...

Thanks ladies! I'm back up again...hopefully I can keep my naps in check today! lol

I appreciate the goodies but I'm running out of room over here! Have fun with the inlaws!

Christine said...

LOVE your sheep - maybe if I didn't snooze so long I'd get the time to make all the prims I'm wanting to make!!lol!
Best wishes

myomyohi said...

The sheep looks great, and I'd love a nap. Take one for me will ya.

Carmen at Primcats said...

Your sheep is soooo cute! Good job!

When do you want me to pick him up and bring him to his new home? ;o)

Carmen and the Primcats

Tina said...

I love your sheep. It's adorable! And I nap too...I watch my 15 month old granddaughter during the week and she tuckers me out. So I nap when she does. :)