March 24, 2011

Good morning! I thought I'd sneak a quick post in this morning while it's still pretty calm here.  Sorry if in my post yesterday I was complaining about my craft room! Boy was I hormonal!! Thankfully I woke up my less stressed today & much less pissy! :D 

This is a pic of my corner cabinet (the top half at least!) my dad made me like 10 years ago! I had redone it last year but I decided to add one of my new garlands to it yesterday. I think it might be my new favorite spot now!! See the pitcher on the top shelf - the blue one? That was my grandma's - I love that color blue! I have a couple other ones too but that one is my fav.

Well I'm off to check the mail ...I've been signing up for all kinds of freebies lately & I can't wait till they start arriving! Hope everyone has a great day!

It snowed a little here last night!! I was hopin it was going to miss us! :P


Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

It would be my favorite place, too! Love that what you display things that have so much sentimental value!

myomyohi said...

What is the gold colored thing the other pitcher is sitting on? Your cupboard and your house look very cute. We all have little bits of grandma everywhere to remind us of her.

rachel said...

The gold colored thing is a riser (not sure exact term) -I'm not sure if I like it there yet or not.