March 26, 2011

Happy Saturday!!

Good morning!!! The sun is shining - the blue sky is out & it's only like 30 degrees here but it sure is pretty!! I'm happy to report everyone survived spring break week @ my house! Our little house was packed with kiddos but all n all it was a great time! Today I'm going to try to clean & organize before we have to run to a cookout (yep in 30 degree weather! lol) & spend some time with some friends.  Here's a few pics of the kids this week -as you'll see there was a lot of nerf gun action & rockin out to the radio & lots of video games goin on!

lindsey rockin out on the guitar

 amber on the drums!

jason aimin @ his fav target -ME!
 look @ that rotten face on my boy! he's ornery!!

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend - I've got a few things to finish up so hopefully I'll have some before/after pics for you Monday! Have a great day!!!


lilraggedyangie said...

ha ha so glad you survived now quit playin on line and get that lil house clean and get yer rear a paintin . Txt me when you want me to come pick up stuff , I have truck till Monday lol Ask Code where his shirt is ? that pic makes me wanna come blow raspberries on his belly :0) lol later tater

michelle said...

so glad you survived!looks like they had a wonderful break,there all so cute!have fun cleaning.blessings and hugs michelle