March 23, 2011

Time Flies When U Are Havin Fun!

Whew! I can't believe it's Wednesday night already!! This week is flying right on by! It's amazing how fast the day goes when you have 4 kids ransacking your house! LOL It's been a pretty good week here - spring break for the kids has been fun.  I've been watchin my friend's 3 kids (which are actually Cody's cousins! :) ) this week so Code has had lots of friends to play with! We ventured out today to the park because it's been pretty nice but don't you know, we weren't there 15 minutes & it started pouring!!! I couldn't believe it! The kids thought it was fun to run to the car in the rain ... of course I had parked CLEAR across the parking lot! I, myself, was not so amused to run (haul) my plump behind that quickly to the car.  Oh, well! It's supposed to be cold & maybe snowy the rest of the week so I'm sure we'll be inside. :(

I haven't gotten much done in the way of crafts this week ... here's a few pics of what I've done though

I got these "goodies" @ the Volunteers of America thrift store Friday night w/my hubby. I've started to repaint everything but the recipe box but I've only got the pig done - I just sanded him & then beat him up with a knife so it looked like it had really been used & then put some Old English on it

I 4got to take a before pic of this- Angie found it @ Goowill 4 me -it was just plain wood - I don't like the dowel rods across the front though -think I might take them off & put a piece of wood in to hold stuff. Not sure though.

I 4got the "before" of this built in shelf too! I get too excited to paint & redo stuff! lol  It was a mustard yellow like the rest of my kitchen so I painted it black & added the little curtains on the sides.  Trust me it looks A LOT better!

I can't wait for the weekend - I want to try to organize my craft room (been sayin that for weeks!) & try to finish up some stuff I'm working on.  I feel overwhelmed with all the little things I've started & haven't finished. I'm trying to finish up stuff for my sis Angie so I can move it back to her house (sorry Ang -I'm runnin out of room! lol) & I'm tryin to work on my stuff I WANT to do. I don't like a whole lot of clutter & disorganization so I'm spazzin out a little! Like I tell Code - I need to just "chill out"! Easier said than done though!

Well I guess I'll get off here & try to work on a few things before bed.  I hope everyone has a great Thursday!


lilraggedyangie said...

ha the redo's look good . And Im so lovin the $4 plate rack take dowels out n run wire possibly. your built in does look much better doesnt even look same wait til you see new black homespun i got you will look good for curtains there!lol Breathe Im ready to bring my stuff home too I guess well Im off to post my ugly disappointing sheep , thank goodness tomorrow is a new day . And fyi Princess is really hoping to see Cody tomorrow so tell him I said PLEASE be good even if that is hard work! later tater

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

I agree with Angie--wire in place of the dowels. I think the pig looks great. I have a set of 3 in 3 sizes that I need to redo.
Am I sensing that you don't care for spring break?