May 13, 2010


I just realized I had a few comments on some posts & didn't even know it! I'm sorry I didn't get back to anyone sooner! I really wasn't ignoring you I'm just new to this blogging stuff & didn't know they were there! Thanks to everyone who has stopped by - I'm very amused someone else in blog land has read my posts!  Thanks! :)


Donna said...

Ooops Rachel...sorry.I was in a hurry when I left the last post and got your name WRONG!! I want to go crawl in a hole and die now!! lol!! The other thing is feel free to join my swap blog.. I wont be starting the first swap until June.. but if you like please join us . I think it will be fun!!... Donna

rachcode said...

Donna - you rock! Don't worry about getting the name wrong -I've been called worse! lol I'd love it if you would put something on your blog :) That would be awesome!! Thanks so much & I will definetly join your swap blog...I've never done a swap before but I've always wanted too! Thanks again! Rachel

Donna said...

Here's what I will do.I will post something to try and get you some followers.And I will post that if we can get you 50 hopefully more followers by June 19th I will make up something to giveaway...And you get to draw the!!!!! But you have to have at least 50 for me to do that Giveaway!!!!Lets see if that helps!!! You just have a lost blog...we'll get ya noticed hon!! (wink!!!)'nt thank me yet!!! lol!!!

Donna said...

lol..Hey I see my friend Darla sitting over there next to me in your followers!!! She's a crazy lady... but harmless!!! lol!!!!! KIDDING!!!She's a sweetie!!!

Donna said...

Hi Rachel... it's up on my blog!! So lets see what happens!!! (Wink!!)

michelle said...

hey rachel!i just found you from donna,isnt she the greatest.i live in a small town in ohio also and pretty new to this too.but its great and gives me people to talk too and just started do crafts and transforming my houdse intp prim as well.your gonna have a blast.its quite addicting.enjoy dear.have a great night and god bless michelle

Diane said...

Hi Rachel, I came over from Donna's--she's a great blogger and I'm glad that she sent me over. I'll be happy to be one of your followers--I love your style!!

DarKilp said...

Yeppers Donna...that's me sitting right there beside you...I found her site through you!!

Rachel...Loving reading through ur side. I'm already a follower and I've added your blog to my blog sidebar so I can keep updated on you!!
BTW...How awesome is my GF Donna!!?? She did the same thing for, I need to "Pay it forward". So, this is what I will do...I will send something out to your 75th follower!!
So...come on ladies...lets help Rachel out and get her lots of followers!!!
OH...BTW Rachel...I too live in Ohioian gotta stick together!!!
The Prim Patch

rachcode said...

Thanks everyone who is following me now! I'm overwhelmed at the kindness from strangers...I look forward to getting to know all of you! Thanks so much!!

Darla & Donna : You guys are the best! Thanks for the support & the giveaways! Once I figure out the "sidebar" & how to add to it - I will definetly put all your giveaways & great stuff on it! Thanks again!

Donna said... you can see Darla is a sweetie!! Let me tell you a little secret,,, If it were'nt for Dar,,I would not even have a Blog!!! lol!!! I did'nt know the first thing about blogging... and she sat up all hours of the night with me to help me get it going. On more than one occasion!!! And she was posting things for me from Ohio for a good month or more til I finally got it figured out. She is a very special friend to me..even though we have never actually met in person.As you know... I am in New Hampshire.LOL..we have had a few nights where we have been on the phone for hours on end...and before we knew it.. it was Midnight!! lol!! Thanks Dar for all you have and continue to do for me sweetie.Rachel... there is such a thing as kindness of strangers...I have been on the recieveing end..and it's a nice feeling is'nt?We bloggers gotta stick together right?? Now that she is going to do a giveaway to your 75th.. betcha you are going to have more followers than you will know what to do with!! lol!! It's not takeing long for people to find you Hon.You are no longer lost in Blogland.Whoo hoo!!!!!!!!(Wink!!) ..... Hope you are haveing a great day!!! ,,,,Donna

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel,
Aren't these ladies awesome. I'll put a link on my blogpost today for you too. I had to review and stop following a blog to follow you, I was already following 300 blogs. I like the company you are keeping, so here I am. Come on prim gals lets show Rachel some support. Have a great day.


Hi! I'm here from the Crafty Crow! Nice blog. I've enjoyed browsing and have become a follower!

I'd like to invite you to follow my blog at

And come join my primitive group on Facebook!

Thanks, Blessings!
Primitives From The Attic

Loafer Mountain Primitives said...

Hey Rachel!
These Guys are the best! I just discovered the other day that I was getting my first comments also! And a lot of these guy's are following me also! Thanks Guy's..I'm behind in follow ups too! Please forgive me girls. But I want to help also. I'll make you my first side bar entry! and I'll post a giveaway on my blog for *BOTH OUR 100th fOLLOWERS*
This is great!
Prim Wishes...

Tiff said...

Hi there! I found my way here through Darla's blog. I just love fellow bloggers, everyone is so generous and caring. I just wished we all lived in the same town so we could get together.
Anyway, I love your makeovers and your creativity.I'm sure you will be up to 50 and even 100 followers in no time.


Donna said...

We all know the story of ''Alice in Wonderland ''!! We'll Alice had Tweedle dee and Tweedle dum Amoungst others to help her out !! Well ''Rachel in Blogland has all of us!! I guess Darla and I are Blogland's version of The Tweedles!! lol!!!! And I see all the other Helpful characters are following!!!! Now as long as we do'nt have Blogland's version of The Queen of Hearts show up over here.All will be great!!!!!lmbo!! I know another one of my crazy Analogies!!! But you all know I'm a few cards short of a Deck by now!!! And one of those cards is the Queen of Hearts so be thankful!!lol! NO I'M NOT DRUNK !!! OK..well maybe a little!! (Wink!! Wink!!) hugs...Tweedle Dum P.S.. I know that was really stupid... but was'nt it fun??? lol!!

rachcode said...

Donna - you sound like soooo much fun! Can't wait to get to know all of these wonderful/creative blog friends! I agree with Tiff - too bad we all don't live next to each other! Oh the fun we could have! I'm going to try to figure out a way to "pay it forward" everyone's kindnee & figure out my sidebar this weekend....I'll keep you posted! ;)

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Hi! My name is Linda and my blog is Parker's Paradise. I, too, love the prim look but still love some of the country stuff. I am also really into antiques and re-dos. These gals won't steer you wrong. I follow all their blogs and although I rarely get or leave a comment, I visit them every day! I love reading their blogs and keeping up with their lives and crafting. I think you will love this bunch of gals. Looks kike they've taken a shine to you!
Linda ★

Anonymous said...

Well Hello Girls , Gotta appreciate these gals ! They are awesome , I too am in Ohio , Will post your blog shortly to help with the 50 . Look out Donna ! LOL I too have a free Liberty Bell Hang Tag today , stop by and pick it up ! (:

Loafer Mountain Primitives said...

Hi Rachel,
I did get a post up about your blog! And I too am trying to fiqure out the side bar thing in between taking care of the maternity ward!
Good luck and I'll send you the info when I get it all pulled together!
Prim Wishes,

Donna said...

Well would ya look at this Rachel!! Whoo hoo!!! People are comeing out of the woodwork to lend a our lost blogger friend!!! I love it!!! There is such a thing as Kindness in strangers hon..and thease gals are proving it!!! Have a great night!! Blessings ... Donna

DarKilp said...

OMGoodness...look at all the support!!!
How refreshing to see everyone come together to help Rachel out! Prim friends are the BEST!!

That Donna too....girl you are jus' crazy!!...LOL You are always too kind to know GF you are a Very Special Friend to me too!!

This is so exciting...and so heartwarming!!
Huggers to all!!
The Prim Patch

Carol said...

Whoa Nellie... what am I missing out on here? Isn't friendship a wonderful thing? Another Ohio Buckeye here. Southeast Ohio right on the border. I'm so happy to meet you gals. Come get entered in my giveaway too. Hugs Hugs and more Hugs!

Karen Elizabeth Blevins~aka~Kareybeths_Kreations_N_Prims said...

Well I think you made 50, I think it was 49 before I reached blog land. hahahaha Can you tell I am also BLOG SAVY(SP) NOT!!!!!! This is a humorous blog. Love it!! Have a Great Blog Life and will hafta check back in from time to time to see if I can keep up.