May 15, 2010

Thank You Thank You!!

Happy Saturday night! I hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend so far....mine has been super busy!! It was a beautiful day here and I've been outside all day! But I wanted to jump on here for a quick post.

I want to first thank everyone who has come over to follow me! I know there are sooo many blogs out there that you could stop over & see and I appreciate the fact that you stopped over here! I owe a BIG thank you to Donna @  for getting this all started! And Darla @ and Tisha @ for hopping on board!
I agree with Tisha -that a giveaway is great but it's awesome to see everyone come together to help us small time bloggers out! So again a big THANK YOU  to everyone!  I would also like to give away something I will also send out a package with each milestone reached, not sure what it'll be yet but I'll keep you posted!  And Donna, Darla, and Tisha - I would love to send you each something to show how much you rock! So I'll be needing your addresses!! :)

Well it's almost 9o'clock here & I haven't ate yet so I'm going to hop off here & eat... I'm starvin! lol



michelle said...

I'm so glad to hear how excited you are,i luv getting on my blog each day and seeing such sweetness from all these ladies.have a great night .god bless michelle

Donna said...

AWWW So glad we were able to help you out hon.And no thanks are necessary on my part...I did'nt get this started because I was looking for anything in return Rachel.I'm just very happy to see your Blog is getting noticed and it made you happy.That's Thanks enough!!!! Besides.. I do'nt remember my Adress!!!! Have a good night. ,,, Donna

Donna said...

OOPS .. Ca'nt spell tonight!! missed a' D 'in Address!! lol! Duh..!!!

Loafer Mountain Primitives said...

Thanks Rachel, for stopping in at my place!
I'm with Donna don't worry! It's fun! Sorry Donna for messing up your link :) I had Rachel's wrong first and I checked Darla's too!...LOL. I've fixed them already. And Please forgive me if I'm slow at getting back with some of you!
Have a great weekend All!

DarKilp said...

WOO HOO!!!..35 followers already!!! I need to get my butt moving and get something made for your's gonna get here quick!! YAY!!

I'm with Donna and Tisha...I appreciate the fact that you wanna Thank us...but there is no need for you to send me something...I Love helping...and that's really all the Thanks that I need.

Have a wonderful day Hon!!
The Prim Patch

Faye Henry said...

Hi Rachel.. Congrats on all your new followers!! people are so kind... Thank you for your lovely comment. I really appreciate it.. Blessings for a lovely end to your weekend, dear!
Take care..
Primitive Lace