April 8, 2011

Waitin on Sunshine

Hi! I'm sure glad it's Friday!! I was trying to clean up my posts that I've had this morning-I wanted to delete the ones that were just drafts that I've never finished & I accidentally deleted the one I posted last night! I was sooo mad I had to get up & do something else for awhile! Ughhh! I went & cleaned the house & now that I've mellowed out I decided to try again! lol  So in case you missed it, I redid my washboard & turned it into a candle board this time...I think it turned out ok - think I'm going to get me some longer candles this weekend though.
Here's the pic:

It's dreary & cold again here in Ohio BUT it's supposed to be in the 70's tomorrow & maybe even 80 on Sunday!! Whoo hoo! I can't wait.  I want to get started on my back yard. It's a mess! We've lived here for 3 summers now & I've got the front of the house pretty well done, all except I need some taller "junk" for beside my steps.  But unfortunately my back yard is just yuck! We need to fix our leaning fence, plant some grass, I want a patio....I could go on & on! lol I've got my list ready & some inspiration pics too, now I just need some good weather!! Here's what I'm dealing with:

this is the end behind our garage -see my poor fence? we painted it last summer but never fixed it

here's the other end by our house

closeup of behind house
I want to put a patio area under the tree -it's our only shade. Also I'm trying to decide what to do with the little concrete pad we've got too-it's not big enough for our table & chairs but hubby thinks we should keep it- So I'm trying to decide if we should "expand" it or just remove it?!? It's not in my "ideal" location either

here's 1 of my front flower beds -see the chair? my mom made it for me for Mother's Day last year but I think I need to move it over & put something else right there-maybe a cool old broken dresser with some flowers in it or a birdhouse on a pole?!?

here's my arbor my hubby made for me last fall -it's from an old porch my dad tore off of one of his houses - I really love it but I'm thinking about painting it - maybe like a red or even mustard or even a teal blue?!? Our house is soooo white! lol

So there's what I plan to work on this weekend...hopefully when you see my yard again it'll be MARVELOUS!! lol

Hope everyone has a great weekend & can enjoy some sunshine where ever you are!


myomyohi said...

The front of your house looks really good. Focus on the back. You can still have the 18" pavers at my house....

Shelley said...

I'm tired of the dreary, too, and especially of SNOW! Bleck. Your yard is so cute - can't wait to see the back! Is that a window box with stars on your front window? I love it!! :)

Carmen at Primcats said...

I like it better as the candle holder! Very pretty!

Cute arbor! Love it!

Carmen and the Primcats