April 13, 2011

Going into lockdown!

Hi everybody! I can't believe it's Wednesday already!! The week is flying by ~ I haven't gotten anything accomplished yet! I just wanted to drop in & say "HELLO".  I am making myself clean my craft room today - I know I've said that before but today I am actually going to FINISH it!! I'm not leaving this room until it is done! Hopefully it won't take me ALL day but we'll see!  Here's a few pics of my mess I'm about to tackle! lol

signs I started Friday & haven't finished yet!

pile of junk on my craft room floor!

a view of the my mess! I'm way too obsessive compulsive to get anything done in here!

The only exciting happenings around here has been my lil man lost his 3rd tooth AT school the other day! He was soooo excited!

Well I better get busy ~I'm turning up the radio & jumpin in! lol Hope everyone has a beautiful Wednesday!!


colleens craft shed said...

Hope you get your craft room finished today! I am doing some spring cleaning to, so I better get off this computer and get busy!! :)

Sheila said...

Hi Rachel~
your little man is so cute! Love it when they start to loose their baby teeth.
I have to get my craft room in order after several days of it looking far worse than yours at the moment! Hope you succeed so you can get back at creating. Thanks so much for the PIF gifts. I love them! Came at a time when I was so sick and down for to many days. Bless you.
Have a great day!

lilraggedyangie said...

Locked down better than locked up LMBO !!! Ha Im with ya need to finish living room and kitchen then the craft room as that is where all the odd ball items have landed and I have bunch of WIP's that need finished plus two packages to ship tomorrow! Thanks for posting that way when I come to drop off Princess tomorrow and you don't answer the door we will know where to find you in case you get lost ! lol ttyl

The Moonlit Stitch said...

May the force be with you young grasshopper!

myomyohi said...

When you get done with your craft room, you can come up and do mine.... I enjoyed Cody telling me about losing his tooth. He is growing up so fast. Granny's little man.

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

what a cutie-patootie! Those are precious days!
You can get that straightened up and in no time! You go, Girl!
My words of encouragement. You are welcome!

Tam said...

I sent all weekend cleaning my craft room, wish i would have taken before and after pictures. i love walking into an organized room.