April 1, 2011

Happy Friday!!

Happy Friday!! My morning started out extra early today. My hubby leaves around 5 every morning & usually I barely remember his alarm going off but today I couldn't go back to sleep after my goodbye kiss.  So about 5:30 I finally decided I wasn't going back to sleep & got up! That's amazing for me! I barely get up @ 7-7:30ish every morning to get the kid off to school! Poor lil man is always having to hurry to get ready! I just can't manage to get up unless I HAVE to!

Anyways ~ today was the first yard sale of the season! WHOOO HOOO! My sis Angie came & picked me up & we headed over...it was kind-of a sad lil sale but I managed to find a few goodies.  Here's what I got :

the little water can 25 cents
candle tray 10 cents
3 yellow candle holders 25 cents for all three (going to turn these into flowers for outside - saw some on someone's blog (can't remember who-sorry!) -I'd found 3 @ salvation army couple wks ago too. I think they'll be really neat when they are done.
I also got 2 shirts for the hubby & a pair of Doc Martin steel toed work boots for the BIL for $2!! ~they look brand new! So I spent $4.50 all together -it was worth it just for the boots! lol

Thanks to everyone who weighed in on my redo yesterday.  I found a label(kinda-couldn't find washboard labels so used a pic of an old washboard & printed it out) put it on this morning...Not sure I love it still, might keep looking for another label though. 

I also finished another redo I had started.

before -(the round cutting board in back)


I put it in my bowl shelf for now

Well I'm off to attempt to clean -we are out of silverware so I guess I have to at least get the dishes done today! LOL Hope everyone's weekend is grand!


Tam said...

Cutting board redo is great, label is better but I'm with you on the not lovin it but it will work untill you find what you want.

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

I thought I was the only one who waited until all the silverware was dirty!

Gettysburg Homestead said...

Your bowl rack looks great!!!!


myomyohi said...

You got the candle holder idea from Larkspur on rate my space (garden category). She also has a website caled Larksperennials.com. Check it out if you like creative repusposing ideas for your flower gardens.

michelle said...

Pretty soon the yardsales will be all over.I cant wait!Your redo is lookin good with the label!Im the same way with silverware too.Hubby said yesterday wheres all the spoons,i told him wash one,lol.have a wonderful weekend!blessings and hugs michelle

lilraggedyangie said...

Yea im not lovin that washboard label , keep lookin . Ol Brenda just loved your house and all the stuff you painted that all she talked bout the rest of the morning , I think we got her really catching the Prim Bug her poor man ! lol the cutting board looks good and I so love that bargain rack I found ya !happy painting!

JenW!~ said...

Love the cutting board, looks good in the bowl rack. Not sure if the wash board label does the board justice. can't wait to see your votives in the garden.

My Primitive Creations by Tonya said...

This just an idea but have you considered making the Calander into a Candle taper holder. By laying the candles on each slat and then putting a Callow Candle Lable on the top of it. I have a Tallow Candle lable you an use if you want.

And as for waiting to open the package I love the surprises but I also love the anticipation just as much... I'm like that at Christmas too...