April 6, 2011

About Me ABC'S

Hi all! I haven't posted for a few days so I thought I better do at least a quick one so no one thinks I've fallen off the face of the earth! lol I've got a bad case of the BLAHS!! I'm hoping to get outside this weekend & try to shake them! I've just not had the urge to do anything! It has been cruddy! lol

Anyways~ I saw this post over @ foldedgingham & thought it was neat, so I'm going to try it too! Especially since I don't have anything to share (it's been really bad blah week! lol) so here it goes: 

Oh & if you don't follow Tiff @ folded gingham, go check her out -her blog is awesome! :) 

Age: 30 Bed Size: Queen Sleigh bed aka The princess bed Chore You Hate: mopping & cleaning off top of dryer  Dogs: No Thanks -I'm a cat kinda girl Essential Start of Your Day:Can of Pepsi Favorite Color: Light blue & yellow (it's a tie :) ) Gold or Silver: Silver Height: 5'3" Instruments You Play: Flute (but it's been a long while) Job Title: Queen -just kiddin! Mom & wife  Kids: 1 Son Live:O-H-I-O Mom's Name: Myra Nicknames: Ray, Ray Ray,Rache, Babycakes Overnight Hospital Stays: Just with my baby Pet Peeve: People who are chronically late, people who don't watch their kids when they REALLY should, liars, chewing with mouth open Quote From a Movie:Don't really have one-hubby knows all the quotes :) Right- or Left-Handed: Right Siblings: 2 sisters-2 step sisters-1 half brother- 2 step brothers Time You Wake Up: Late as possible Underwear: Clean Veggie You Dislike: Hominy What Makes You Run Late: Usually I'm early but if I'm late usually it's my fault  X-Rays You Have Had: Shoulder (dad pulled out of socket when i was a kid on accident) Ultra Sound & teeth Yummy Food You Make: Casseroles are my specialty  Zoo Animal You Like Best:Giraffe-if I was an aniamal that's what I'd want to be :)

Hope you copy & paste this on your blog & play along! I had fun -leave me a comment if you do repost so I can read yours!

Hope you have a great day ~ hopefully I'll get some umph & get something done!


lilraggedyangie said...

ha bout time you get up and do something! lol Queen ....shoulda known!lol Im not playing along sorry Im busy crafting and stuff...princess can't wait to come over tomorrow ...goofy girl! she wants everyone to know you are "THE QUEEN ...OF CASSEROLES THAT IS"!!!!! LMBO I HOWEVER AM THRILLED TO KNOW THAT YOUR UNDERWEAR ARE CLEAN! ENJOY YOUR DAY ...HOPE YOU GET MOTIVATED SOON!!! Supposed to be almost 80 all weekend very slim chance of rain YIPPEE!

Tiff said...

Thanks for the shout out Rachel :) Loved reading your ABC's, and LOL with the Clean undies, I should have thought of that!

michelle said...

very cute post and pepsi is my drink of the day as well!have a wonderful day!blessings and hugs michelle