March 11, 2011


Happy Friday!!! I am so very happy that it is Friday! This is our weekend to spend with my son & we have a few fun things planned . Tonight we are taking him & my niece Kaylee to Chuck E Cheese ...then tomorrow we have a pizza/birthday party for a's going to be great! My niece is coming over to play this morning while my sis goes to the doctor...I haven't seen her all week & I'm starting to go into with drawl! Her mother says she is too! LOL She used to come to our house everyday but then my sis had to be taken off work for back surgery so we don't see her nearly as much & we miss her.

Last night my husband's friend from work came over to help him with his brakes & he brought his two adorable boys with him.  It was a blast! While the guys worked in the garage ... the boys were busy "attacking" each other with swords & guns! They had sooo much fun! It's nice when we have a few kids in the house so Cody has someone to play with besides us! lol

After my boys went to bed I decided to work on my grungy cans/cup from the other day.  Here's what I came up with :

this is the cup before - the other one was just a plain soup can

after - still not quite right -flowers a lil too bright for me so I used some brown shoe polish & aged them up a little

I like them much better after the shoe polish

Here's the soup can one on in my living room - the cup is going to my sis if she wants it -she had bought the cup so I could grungy it up for her. Hopefully she likes it.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Don't forget to "spring" forward your clocks tomorrow night! :D


lilraggedyangie said...

They look fabulous! And sounds like busy fun filled weekend and sounds like some lucky mommy gonna be home alone a bit tonight YEEHAW ! What to do , where to begin lol sew? paint? clean? soak in bubble bath ? take a nap? go shopping? O MY GOSH ...the possibilities are endless ! lol hope you have fun and hope your niece behaves bahahahahaha

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...


myomyohi said...

Good luck with the kids. I enjoyed the post.

lilraggedyangie said...

Thanks for taking Princess , she had a Blast ! she loves that the mouse's name is CHUCK lol how funny Course we cant blame her I got a thing for a Chuck too but mine doesnt pass out free game tickets:( lol happy crafting , o ya know i was thinkn on that big shelf I dropped off to ya yesterday maybe go that bright blue you used on cabinet for show ,im thinkin that will pop on my chocolate walls in bath if i ever get em painted lol well happy crafting Im off to sew and shop and you better b gettin busy cause I know you have plenty to do THANKS TO THE CRAFTING FAIRY LOL

michelle said...

What a fun day it sounds like.the flower arrangements are beautiful,great job.I was gonna ask you if the princess liked chuckie but from angies last comment I see she sure did,wonderful.Its always a plus at chuckie cheese that they dont run in fright of that big ole rat screaming .lol.have a great day.blessings and hugs michelle