February 24, 2011

Hi! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thursday! My day was spent running to the doctor's office with my son Cody, where we found out that he has a sinus infection! :( She gave us some meds & said he should be good to go back to school tomorrow.  I think he's actually happy to be going back - he hasn't went @ all this week! Although if we get all the snow we are supposed to 2nite (6-9"!!) he might not be going tomorrow either!! I guess we'll just have to wait & see how it goes.  I'm glad he's on some meds & on his way to feeling better.  He's been so good about being sick...he's still been just as happy as usual -just stuffed up & coughing! He amazes me everyday...I'm a very lucky mommy!


Cody and I worked on some grungy "spring" eggs last night- they aren't done yet but by the end of the weekend they should be.  All this spring talk has got me wanting to make something "springy"...I realized I don't have hardly any spring decorations! Here's a pic of the eggs so far - I'll post a pic when we finally finish them
Cody got to put the coffee/cinnamon mix on them by shaking them up in a container - he was very amused!

heres some I already had "grunged" up so I put my coat of paint on - now I just need to age/crustify them

While we were out for the doctor's office we stopped by my sister's house & picked up a bag of goodies she had gotten for me

I can't wait to get to craftin with them! I was very amused! She always picks up good stuff for me - she's a crafter too.  She's started a blog too - you should check her out if you get a minute - http://lilraggedyangie.blogspot.com/ she's just getting started but she makes some pretty cute felt stuff & prim dolls.

Well that's all I've got for now.  Hopefully I can be "crafty" this weekend & actually finish some stuff! Hope everyone has a great Friday!

Ps. I have a question - Somehow the other day I when I changed my contact email for my blog I somehow managed to be following my blog?!?! I can't figure out how to un-do it either! Has anyone else had this problem? I am very computer illiterate ...it's so sad!


Sheila said...

Hi Rachel,
I really like the way your eggs are looking. I just picked up a huge bag of them at our local TS and I think I'll try doing the same, so I'll be on the look out to see the final result of yours!
FYI~some how I ended up following my own selling blog the other day! Didn't mean to and don't know how to fix it either?! Strange!
Hope your little man gets feeling better soon.
Enjoy your blog.

lilraggedyangie said...

SNOW DAY !!! Hope little man feeling good enough to go play in all that white stuff! Gettin ready to post some storm pics then off to clean real quick then get to crafting ! I got my first giveaway tonight and my friend Brenda is coming over to craft with us "girls" tonight too , and fyi I have my second load of recycled sweaters fulling in the wash as I type woo hoo ! Hope you kids have fun today if you get to bored later come on over and craft with us! luv ya sis lil raggedy and princess and of course ms jade :0)

lilraggedyangie said...

o I almost forgot ...is the Easter bunny leaving any of those eggs at my house this year? Im not gonna be happy if I only get bunny poop again this year! lol (they look great)