February 23, 2011


Thought I'd drop in & say hi! I haven't got much craftin done this week so far...Sunday we had my son's favorite cousin stay all night since the boys didn't have school on Monday.  They had a blast playin & ransacking the house! When we took him home on Monday -the usual 40 min drive took us 1 1/2 hrs to go one way thanks to getting like 4ins of snow in a matter of hours! It was crazy!!!! I know everyone has said this but I am soooo sick of winter! We had a tease last week with temps in the 60s or so and now I have spring fever bad!! Yesterday my lil man was home sick from school - looks like he's going to be home again today too.  He seems to have a head cold but I'm worried he might have the flu.  Of course our doctor can't get him in till tomorrow morning, so as long as he doesn't get worse I think I'll wait & take him to see her.  I haven't been very impressed with the urgent care centers around my area... I know they aren't "family" drs but they don't seem very thorough....I don't know - probably just cause I really like are family doctor. So if in between snuggles & cold medicine I happen to get something done, I'll post it on here. But for now all I've got to show is a little place mat/candle rug I made to put under the napkin holder on my table.
  Here's the pic of it on my craft table:
Here's a pic of it on my actual table:

I'm amused with it since it only took my a lil while 2 do and I just used some scraps I had.

Well I hope everyone has a great day & stays germ free & warm!! 


lilraggedyangie said...

Ugg , you folks keep yer cooties and germs at yer house thats all we need ! Im just joking hope lil man feels better soon because Princess wants to come play at your house SHE SAYS SHE MISSES YOU HASNT SEEN YOU IN FOREVER!LOL I mean ya know it only been a week or so ! lol so love the table runner, where's mine? talk to ya tomorrow

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

I hope the boy gets better real quick. It's not good to have a man down.
LUV the table runner!

michelle said...

I love your candle rug.dont you just hate when there sick.my youngest was all last week and now im getting it.have a great night.blessings michelle