May 7, 2010

Just one more .... please!

Happy Friday!!!  It's a little gloomy here in Ohio today but it's pretty warm so that makes up for it.  We are supposed to get some severe weather later today but I hope it turns out to be nothin much.  I'm a big weenie & can't stand storms! LOL!
Anyways.... the day started out Innocent enough...took my son to school, drove thru the neighborhood scopin out trash day, then off to the post office. Well the post office didn't open for 10 minutes, so me & my niece (she's 3) decided we'd find us 1 (only 1!) yard sale and then go back to the post office.  Well only 1 turned into about 10 or 12 and a whole car load of stuff!!! I hit this one yard sale and I thought I was going to die! There was all kinds of primitive/country decor....I couldn't get it scooped up fast enough it seemed! Everything was very cheap - got 3 sets of tan/black plaid curtains for $2.25!! I've already hung them up!lol... I bought a big jar with a lid for 50 cents but as I was leaving a woman offered me $5 for it so I sold it to her! I liked it but didn't know where I would put it, so I let it go and made some extra $$ for the next sale! It was crazy! I spent $11.50 there + $5 I only a whopping $6.50...pretty good I think! :) All & all we turned our 10 minutes into an hour and a half and $22 but we're both very amused so that's all that's important anyways!

Here's a few pics of my stuff....

I hung the pineapple up in the kitchen and the other pair of scones is going to go in the living room

 the Americana thing i got for my sister

I'm totally in LOVE with these curtains! I thought there were 4 pairs but turned out to be only 3 but it was still a great deal!

this whole pile of 8 puzzles was only $2! they look pretty old

everything in this pic was only 50 cents each!  I'm going to give my sister one of the double baskets

I just realized I bought 5 candle holder/sconces today! Oh well! I like them all!  I hope everyone has a great weekend! I'm looking forward to spending time with my family and maybe sneak a few more sales in too!

Happy Mothers Day!


Christine said...

Hi! So glad I found your blog as I think you became one of my followers a few weeks back and I couldn't find a link back to you to thank you so thanks!
I loved seeing some of the makeovers you've done recently and you really have some primtastic goodies in those thrift finds!
Have fun primifying them!
Please visit again - looking forward to getting to know you!

rachcode said...

Thanks for following Christine! I was very amused this morning to see I had 2 new followers! I will definitely keep visiting your blog! Thanks again!