May 21, 2010

Finally Friday

Well we made it to Friday finally! Whooo Hooo!  Yesterday we had an absolutely beautiful day but today I woke up to rain. AGAIN. And it is supposed to rain tomorrow too.  I'm hoping it holds off or at least quits long enough for my son to have his first tball practice.  He's very excited!!

I hope everyone has a great Friday and an even better Saturday and Sunday! And I hope its nice & dry in your neck of the woods!! Happy Friday!!


Loafer Mountain Primitives said...

Hey Rachel,
No such luck! We have rain too! I was just watching the news, I'm sure he's just messin with us here. He say's it's going to rain for the next week!!!! NO NO NO.....Sigh...At least the garden will be happy... A couple of months ago I bought a full spectrum lamp at home depot (under twenty bucks) It is supposed to simulate the sun and help with the blues. It does seem to work. Hubby has one too, He got sunburnt the first week he used it..LOL!
Hope you have some projects to work on!
Have a good weekend!

rachel said...

I'm sooo sick of rain! I may have to go get one of those lamps too & try it out! Anything has to help at this point! lol