April 14, 2010

*** I'm in LOVE ***

Happy Wednesday!! I wanted to show off my new cabinet that I just finished "priming" up...as the title of my post stats I'm in LOVE with this cabinet now!! I found it last week sitting on the curb and thought I would pick it up. From afar it looked to be an old wooden cabinet that already had some primitive-ness to it...but when I unloaded it from the trunk I realized it was not old at all! Matter a fact the sticker saying "made in china" was still on the back of it! I was slightly disappointed but decided to try to "prim" it up anyways. I started with a coat of black paint then I put on a top coat of "cracker blitz" (leftover from painting my living room) -the color was a light yellowish/tan color. Next I put on a layer of dark walnut stain - I tried wiping some of the stain off but I didn't care for it, so I reapplied some more stain and let that sit. I have read on other blogs to let your stain sit for 48-72 hours as it will still be sticky, but I'm impatient to say the least, so I took it outside and let it sit in the full sunshine of our almost 80 degree day and it seems to be dry now! :) Here are some before and after pics....as I said I'm in love with it now...now where to put it is another question ....

I almost forgot - I got a little wooden shelf last weekend at a local rummage sale for $1 and I finished "priming" it up today too.... I did the same thing with the shelf as I did with the cabinet.

I've been looking at all the furniture in my house the past week or so and dreaming of what it might look like "primmed" up...we'll see what falls victim to me next week! :)

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