July 7, 2011

Pondering a paint job ~ Opinions needed Please!!

I hope everyone enjoyed their 4th of July!! I know we had a great time at my mom's on Monday.  Lots of good food & family! :) It was a great day!!

We've been spending the days loafing about in our little pool.  Today my niece aka Princess came over & swam with us. At first she was a little scared(this is like her third time in the pool) but by the end of the day she wasn't scared a bit! She was supposed to stay all night but at bedtime she decided she wanted to go back home so I ran her home ... I know she was worn out! Maybe she'll sleep in for my sis tomorrow! :)

I still haven't accomplished any crafty projects lately but I am thinking about redoing our bedroom.  Last summer I had the same thought but never got around to it ~ but it's really driving me crazy!! My hubby doesn't understand why I want to change it (men NEVER understand!) ~ he says I'm the one who picked out the wallpaper ~ which is true & at the time I really thought I would like it but now I'm not overly amused. I finally got my dad to agree to let me paint the paneling (he's the landlord!) & now the hubby doesn't think I should!!! 

Here's some pics I took last summer ~ let me know what you think I should do. I really want to redo the room - I have new decorations up now but I still dont' like the walls.

see the paneling behind the bed? & on the side wall?

close up of the paper - I like the background color ~ it's a soft yellowish tan

this is a portion of the floor to ceiling paneling ~ I couldn't get my original pic to load & the one I took tonight I had forgot to clean off my dresser ~ so I "edited" out all my junk!! lol
This section is like 5 feet long I'd say.

SO ~~ I need some opinions.  Here's what I'm thinking about doing

a) Removing wallpaper - painting all the walls and paneling same color
b) Removing wallpaper -painting top of wall one color (tan maybe?) & painting paneling another color (perhaps off-white?!?)
c)Leaving wallpaper & just painting the paneling (again maybe off-white?!?)
d) Just leave it like it is

Whoever put the paneling up in our house really didn't have a plan I don't think. Every room except the bathroom has at least 1 wall with it on it -only the hallway is completely paneled & it's only like 2' x 10' maybe (it's tiny -we have a tiny house! lol) Our bedroom would've been so much better if they would've just put it on the bottom of the whole room. But no they put it on the bottom on 2 full walls -then 1/2 of another wall & finished that wall all the way to the ceiling?!?! Then started another wall with it to the ceiling (which is mostly covered by a closet but still!)  I wouldn't mind the paneling so much if it seemed to have a rhyme/reason.

I need some help.  B-A-D!!

Tell me what you think ~ honestly.

Thanks in advance for the help! Sorry this post wasn't anything too exciting! If I could ever decide what to do with my bedroom I might have some pics to share with you! lol

I hope everyone enjoys their Thursday!!


Angela said...

Hi Rachael, Glad you had a great holiday. Poor Princess. Sounds like my Darbee Rae. Comes night time and she wants to be home, too. At least Angie had a little while alone. Hoping they are both feeling great today.
Now, My personal opinion.. Get rid of the wallpaper and paint the wall and the paneling. You will be surprised how much bigger the room will look with a uniform color We use to have wallpaper in every room but gradually have striped it all out and painted.. THe only room with wallpaper and hopefully it will go soon is in the kitchen. But girl it's a job stripping it down. Get ready for a lot of work. Maybe a good job for fall or winter. Have a great day

myomyohi said...

I say paint the paneling and see if you like it better. If not, strip the paper and paint that a contrasting but close color. The thing that may be bugging you is the shininess of the pattern. Kinda formal.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Saw your raggedy sis's pics of your 4th - and it does, indeed, look like you all had a great time - and great food!! Someone forgot to mail my invitation though!

Well, you asked for opinions - so I'll give you mine based on what I'm seeing - but keep in mine that this is NOT my strong point!! I would say get rid of the wallpaper definitely - and I'd probably opt for painting the paneling as well - it sounds like the room may be on the smallish size?? And, if so, all the wood paneling is likely making it look even smaller. (I hesitate just a wee bit with the painting of the paneling, tho, cuz I'm not sure how painted paneling looks....I'd definitely go with neutral colors (kinda the tones of the background of your wallpaper) - or even just a nice soft off-white or pewter....Think a slightly darker tone of the same color on the bottom might be nice....I have a lot of wood trim in my teeny, tiny, house, and so have stuck with plain off-white walls, and they provide a good backdrop for decorating....Probably didn't help you much - but, just my 2 cents! Good luck! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

You asked, so I will offer my opinion.
I would def strip off that wall paper.To me, it is formal and impersonal, more for a dining room. I really don't like painting over wood paneling but in this case, you should. This little room needs to be one color to make it feel bigger. I would use a taupe color---medium taupe. Then you can use your accessories to accent. Reds and blues, maybe?
Let us all know what you decide and show pics!!!!

jennifer768 said...

I agree get rid of the wallpaper and I would paint the walls and paneling a neutral color. I think you will be pleased with the outcome. Hugs,Jen