June 7, 2011


my rose out front is finally blooming!

Happy Tuesday!! I hope no one has "melted" in this scorching heat that we are having in Ohio! Lol I'm not complaining though ... but boy I sure wish I had a swimming pool in my yard! :O) 
I can't believe it's been almost a week since I've done a post ~ things have been crazy busy around here! Summer vacation is in full swing! Last week I was busy babysitting, trying to get ready to have a yard sale, then actually having a yard sale Friday & Saturday, graduation party, more babysitting, etc etc!! This week is busy again ~ I'm watching my friend's 5 kids most of the week plus Princess a few days too so we've got a house/yard full!  Our yard sale was a huge success! I managed to only bring back 1 laundry basket with like 8 or 9 things in it that didn't sell ~ I took ALOT more than that with me, so I was amused!

Today I got a "surprise" package from Linda over @ http://parkersparadise.blogspot.com/. She is such a sweetie! I had mentioned I really liked some bowls she had redone a lil while back & she sent me some along with lots of other goodies! She included a wonderful lil ditty bag (my first!), some battery operated tea lights, a mustard colored candle box, a pocket Kleenex cover w/tissues, some great dish towels, the lil bowls I loved, & a bigger bowl that is awesome too! She outdid herself!! Thank you so much Linda!
I L-O-V-E it all!! 
The package arrived about lunch time & my son hollered in that the mail lady had a box for us ( I didn't really believe him ~lol) & all the kids were sooo excited to see what was in the box! It was fun!

Heres a few pics
look @ all those goodies!
my ditty bag :O)

my bowls w/pantry cake from my sis

the big bowl ~ think it might be my new napkin holder ~ we'll have to see how it works out

Now I started this post earlier but got sidetracked (shocker!lol) & had to go outside to see what the kid was all excited about.... guess what was under the hubby's car?!?!

The cutest little kitten ever! He's hurt his paw somehow but he seems to be getting along ok with it. We started to leave for a walk not too long after he came out from under the car to see us & the poor thing started running/limping down the road after us! So needless to say, we turned back & snuggled the new kitty instead. We tried to bring him in the house but our cat Sammy was not amused at all!!! So for tonight we have him locked up in the backyard till we decide if we should try to keep him or not. Cody is already very attached to him ~ he's very worried about him being outside since he's hurt. I tried to reassure him but you know how that goes! Poor lil man! We REALLY don't need/want another cat ~ my mom has been trying to give us one for weeks now but I don't know if I can say no to Cody or this sweet little fur ball! Guess we'll have to wait & see.

Well I'm off to get ready for bed ~ gotta get up at 6am again tomorrow ~ Boy that was hard to do this morning!! lol I'm spoiled ~ I'm used to sleeping till at least 7:45(school days)  ~10ish (non school days). I hope everyone enjoys their day!!


TheCrankyCrow said...

Good to hear from you again Rachel!! Awww...that poor sweet little kitty....you don't really want to know what I think you should do, do ya??? ;o) But really - what's one more? Kinda like kids - they say no difference b/w 1 and 2 - it's only when you hit 3.....just a thought! Love your goody package from Linda- what a sweetie she is!! Those bowls are really neat. Hope you get some sleep-in time! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin (PS - Roses are GORGEOUS!!)

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Beautiful roses!
Really cute kitty!
Looks like another Pumpkin Pie!
Glad you like your goodies.
Hope you smiled!

Anonymous said...

It has been hot here too and I also wish I had a pool, theres always the pond but I don't want to share it with that 4 foot snake that is swimming down there.
Your roses are beautiful, must have been all that rain that made them shine. Looks like Linda loaded you up with goodies. Very sweet lady. I received a surprise package from her too. You know you'll have to keep the kitty, it was meant for Cody.
Get the hose out for the kids to keep cool and have some fun.
Country at heart

cottageprims said...

Rach~ How could ya say no? You really know your gonna keep the poor thing.LoL..I always say no then hubby says aww give it a try and I'm stuck..But my heart melts quick.Glad your yardsale went well always alot of work.The quick set pools went down in price this year they are perfect for a small yard and little money..smile..Warm Blessings!~Amy

jennifer768 said...

Your rose is beautiful !Poor baby kitty. You know that you can not say no to it or that adorable little guy. LOL! Might as well face it ...you are the owner of a new kitty. LOL! It is scorching here in Kentucky as well ,hope that you can find away to cool off.Hugs,Jen

jennifer768 said...

Oh I got excited about the kitty and forgot to mention how much I love your goodies from Linda. She sure is a sweetie . Those bowls look really good on your stove board. Jen

Angela said...

Goodness Rachel, You are a busy person. Sounds like your hands are full, girl. Love the goodies from Linda, she is such a sweet generous person. Sweet Kitty, Sure it will get lots of attention and love. Blessing for a great week. and try and stay cool.

michelle said...

Great job your yard sale success!Oh dont you want to keep that furbaby,lol.Love your goodies from Linda,she is such an amazing person,Heart of gold!Have a great day!big hugs michelle

myomyohi said...

The rose is gorgeous, and so are your goodies.
The best part of the yard sale, besides making a little cash, was spending some time, just us girls.
I say name it fate. You know you gotta keep it, even if its an outside kitty.

The Moonlit Stitch said...

Rachel your roses are so pretty, bet they smell good too! Love your little guy's hair!! Sometimes the critters choose you and not the other way around! Poor little thing, on his own with no Mamma and hurt. I remember seeing those bowls of Linda's, you lucky duck! Good luck with your crew this week! ~*~Lisa