June 17, 2011

A little update :O)

Happy Friday!!!

I can't believe I haven't posted anything all week...
I haven't been overly busy to be honest ~ actually I've been pretty lazy !  I haven't been babysitting this week except for the Princess here & there, so it's just been me & Code hanging out & relaxin! :O) We've had some pretty nice weather ~ much cooler than last week but Mr.Weatherman is saying next week is going to be a HOT one! We'll have to wait & see though ~ you know how often they are wrong! lol

Me & the hubby had a great "date night" last weekend.  I talked him into taking me thrift store shopping ~ there's a VOA thrift store in Mansfield that is AWESOME! I found all my goodies plus a stencil I forgot to put in my pics for less than $10!! I've started to redo a few things but haven't really felt like painting much so I don't have any after pics for you but here's the pics of what I got:

this candle holder is REALLY long ~ like 2 feet long at least!

this little memo/chalkboard has a little bell on it ~ I think the kiddos will be amused with it! I may regret it later but I think it'll be cute when I get it painted
After the thrift store we hit Dick's sporting goods where the hubby got him a new fishin pole (his one he bought a few weeks ago broke already!) & a new fishin hat! :O) I found a pole I wanted that lights up when you reel your line in. Hehehe! It was sooo cute! I didn't get it but I told him I want it BAD! lol After our sporting goods stop we hit a lil greek restaurant that was so yummy! We both got gyros & they were AWESOME & they were only $4.50 a piece!! We will definitely be going back there soon!

We've been going on nightly walks with Cody. We've been walking like 2 1/2 miles!!  I know that might not sound like much to alot of people but we are WAY out of shape! The first night about killed us all!! Luckily it's gotten easier & I think we all are enjoying them now.  My hubby quit smoking today (again) ~ he's tried so many times but hopefully he can kick the habit this time. I've never been a smoker ~ well an occasional one here or there when we are out or when I was really stressed but I've never been addicted & I'm very thankful for that. I feel so bad for him! Hopefully this time will be the last time he has to do this!

I hope everyone enjoys their Father's Day weekend! I'm not sure what we are doing with all our dads yet. Me & Cody are making presents & cards tomorrow for the dads & grandpas, which should be fun.
I hope everyone has a great weekend!!


Beckyjean said...

Hi Rachel~

Love your date nights. Hubby & I may have to start that. Have a wonderful weekend.


Anonymous said...

It's good to have a night out together once in awhile. I love the wood items you found. That long candlestick is unusual, very neat.
Can't wait to see your things painted up. Glad to hear from you.
Country at heart

Angela said...

Rachel, Love that long candle holder. It's so different. Can't wait to see your finished items. Glad you and hubby had a good date night. Does a body good. A fishing pole that lights up,,, that's cute. What will they come up with next. Have fun crafting with Cody. Have a great weekend.

jennifer768 said...

Love date nights with the hubby !You found some great goodies ...can't wait to see what you do with them.Love that long candle holder.Have a great weekend.Jen

TheCrankyCrow said...

Great finds Rachel....and I know you'll transform them into something incredible. I adore that long, long, candle holder! That looks prim perfect just as is! Sounds like this week has been a great summer week - kicked back and kinda slow - how they should be. Have a wonderful weekend! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

michelle said...

It has been chilly here this week hasnt it.Im not turnin the air off though,lol.Great goodies you got,cant wait to see you make your magic!have a great weekend!big hugs michelle

Anonymous said...

Love the candle holder Rachel. I'll pray that your hubby can kick the habit. My hubs and I were both smokers until he developed DVT and a blood clot went to his lung, that was a year ago this last Feb..he smoked for 40 years..I for 30...it wasn't easy,,better for him to kick it now than later...just a better life without cigarettes...

Have a great day!

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Love that long candle holder!
Bravo to your hubby for trying. I hope he has the strength to beat the demon.
I wish we took walks like we used to. It was so peaceful and really kind of romantic!
Have a great weekend!

Mary said...

Hi Rachel, Wow Love all your new goodies, whata' deal all for under$10.00...way to go gal! Love the candle holder...primtastic! We have date nite here every Friday. We go to dinner and then try to do something special,sometimes it's just stopping for a coffee and sitting down by the water, watching the boats go by. The best part of date nite is not so much what we do, but being able to spend it together:)Finally going to be warming up here as well...yahoo! Enjoy your weekend and crafting with the kido's...Hugs Mary