June 28, 2011

Doesn't take much to amuse me!! :O)

Boy I feel like a kid again! We bought the kiddo a pool this weekend ~ just a little 10' x 30" pool ~ you know the easy-up kind everyone seems to have these days?!? Well we put it up on Sunday so when he got home from his dad's house he would be all surprised & boy he was!! He just kept saying "NO WAY! NO WAY!" over & over again! It was great! It was too cold for me to get into till this morning but boy once I did I was hooked!!It was terrible! I'm WAY too big for it but it was so much fun just getting in & cooling off & goofin off with Code! I hadn't realized I missed swimming so much ~ it's been 6 or 7 years probably since I've been! Princess even came over for a bit today & checked it out with us! Cody is so in love with it ~ the last thing he told me before he went to bed was that we were getting up at 5 tomorrow so we could get an early start in the pool! It was funny! I don't even have pics to share because I was in it ALL day! lol

Anywho ~
Me & the hubby didn't end up going night fishing which was ok with me. He decided he really wasn't in the mood so we went grocery shopping & got us our pool.  I know it's not much of a hot date but we still have fun just hanging out together & we managed to have some "excitement" in our own garage anyways! :O)  After our trip to the store my hubby was in the garage messing around  & I was out back admiring my Christmas lights I hung up awhile back ~ I just LOVE them!! it's so romantic out there now! hehe!

Well the hubby came out & told me I need to come to the garage, so I followed him in there. He then proceeded to tell me that we needed to make sure the garage window was closed EVERY night because something had gotten in & pooped (sorry) in the corner of the garage. I of course said ok & then went to see if it had been a cat. Nope it wasn't a cat maybe a raccoon I said so then I went to the other side of the garage to check that corner where I found some more "evidence" of our visitor. So I turned around to tell my hubby & I looked down at this box & there was a POSSUM staring up at me!!! I about died!!! The hubby was going to kill it but then we decided that we would just open the garage door & turn off the lights so he could get out.  The poor thing wasn't very big at all! He didn't even hiss at me & he'd been locked in there for 2 days!! Luckily when we left the door open for awhile he got out.  It was crazy!!

this is the box from ACROSS the room ~ dont' mind all the junk ~hubby has been trying to remodel garage FOREVER it seems now! lol
see his tiny little nose?!?! I was too chicken to get too close to get a better picture of him
I think there must be a possum family/tribe living on my street...my neighbor lady has came over twice for my hubby to kill a possum that has gotten in her house & now we had one in the garage! Crazy!

That's all the excitement that we've had around here.  We are planning a 4th of July get together at my mom's on Monday. Her little town always has fireworks so we go over there to watch them. It'll be lots of fun!! I hope everyone has a great week! It's supposed to be nice & hot here so I'm sure we'll be in our little pool all week! lol


TheCrankyCrow said...

Yikes!! A possum!! That way funny - and strange!! Glad you did a catch and release....They're so homely, someone has to be nice to them.

Enjoy your new pool - we haven't even gotten ours up and going yet - too dang cold here in Nod yet...I'm still in sweats.... :o(

Have a wonderful tomorrow! (Hope Codey doesn't really get you up at 5...)

Smiles & Hugs ~

Anonymous said...

Oh a pool does sound nice. Wish I had one. I would be in it about everyday.
Possums are everywhere this year. I have been seeing them at our house at night when I take the dog out. I have to watch that they don't get in the chicken pen. They love chickens to eat. Hope you have fun swimming in the pool. Do a lap for me ok.
Country at heart

cottageprims said...

I knew you'd love one those little pop up pools..Possums ewww I'd be running in fear too.They are mean boogers..smile..Warm Blessings!~Amy

lilraggedyangie said...

Ok Ms Easily Amused, this is your sleepy sister! You see Code may have slept in but her highness was up at 445 am because she didnt want to over sleep and miss the pool party today at Aunt Rachels!lol

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Oh, my! That does sound exciting. I do not believe I could handle a varmint in our garage!
I wish we had a pool. *sigh*

JenW!~ said...

A few years ago we had a possum on our porch it was hiding under a stand we had and the hubby thought it was our cat and he tried to pet and and couldn't figure out why she was hissing at him. When he looked he saw it was a possum and not the cat. Glad you got it out of the garage. Have fun in your pool.

Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

I'm not too fond of critters being inside either. We had a raccoon a few days ago in our shop and thank goodness he quickly found the door.
Your lights look awesome...love them anytime of year! Happy 4th to you and yours :)