May 19, 2011

Just a quickie!!


Good morning! I thought I'd drop in for a quick little post this morning. Yesterday wasn't my most productive day ever ~ most of the day I spent lazin around bein hormonal & tired! BLAH was how I was feeling! :(  One of the few things that amused me yesterday though was that when I checked the mail, my new stencil that I had won from had arrived!! Whoo hoo! This baby is NICE! It's the biggest stencil I've ever seen! I can't wait to use it ~ I'm going to dig thru my wood pile & find me the perfect piece to use it on today. Thanks again to Becca & if you haven't checked out their blog -you should! I know I'll be ordering me some just as soon as I can!

I also wanted to share with you my new piece of garden "junk" I picked up after I dropped the kid off at school yesterday. My poor hubby just shakes his head ... lol ... he just doesn't understand! But I can't wait to make me a birdhouse to put on it :) I think it's really a cool color! It's more of an aqua blue in person ~ it's very cute in my flower bed!

Other than that, like I said I was pretty darn lazy yesterday! I'm going to try to finish working on a few things today ~ I've got to decide what I'm giving away for the "surprise" part of my giveaway since you guys helped me blow right past 100 followers! :D The sun was actually out this morning when we got up but the clouds have already came back. It's supposed to be nicer this weekend & I can't wait!! I hope everyone has a great Thursday ~ only 1 more day till the weekend! Whoo hoo!


lilraggedyangie said...

Ha , hormonal ? so that's your excuse for the week? LMBO and you think Im crazy ? lol Joking dont get all emotional on me! ;0) I love the new table , hey if you don't have a piece of wood big enough I think I have a small table top in the stash in the basement your welcome to have !Happy Crafting, Im on the lazy track today , therapy might just do me in today!;0(

myomyohi said...

I'm sure I have wood if you don't.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Love the little piece of "garden junk." Glad to hear I'm not the only married to one of those head shakers! Smiles & Hugs, Robin

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

I think it's great! I can definitely see it with a birdhouse on it and a watering can next to it or an old bucket. I love it! :)