May 5, 2011

It's a Miracle

It's a miracle!! Not really but it sure feels like it ~ the sun is actually SHINING today!! The sky is that beautiful shade of blue that we haven't seen in oh so long! It's not super warm here today but hey I'll take sunshine any day I can! I just came in to eat some lunch & thought I'd post a few pics of my stuff I was working on yesterday. Yesterday turned out to be quite productive (thankfully). I haven't gotten too much done today ....I spent the morning base coating my aunt's corner cabinet for her.  It was just plain black before & she needed a change so I put a coat of white on it today. I hope she likes how it turns out. She's not into the extreme "prim" look so I hope I can paint it so she likes it! :)

Anyways ~ here's my pics ...

this angel is made from a picket from a fence, a top of a chair back & her hair is some rusty wind chimes
I really like her ~ I made her to try to sell but I don't think I'll be too sad if she doesn't lol

this is going to be a wall pocket or pocket for your door -I was going to leave it black & put some flowers in it but now I think it needs some color & then flowers -I made it from a piece of shelf my dad threw out & an old crusty drawer
I made two of these door/wall pockets too - they are going to get color too

I'm getting ready to stain this & then put it on a spindle so it can be a yard stake

I also finished up my bowl fillers I started DAYS ago! lol I really think the pigs & crows are cute - not sure if anyone will want pig bowl fillers though! lol

So as you can see I was pretty productive yesterday ~ Now I'm off to try to finish a few more things before the kiddo gets home from school. I promised my niece & him I'd take them for ice cream & to play @ McDonald's today. I think we might go to the park instead though. It's too nice to be inside!

I hope you enjoy your day & are having some sunshine where you are!


The Moonlit Stitch said...

Your creations all turned out great! Love that picket angel. Put some country eggs in with the piggies and call it "ham n eggs" or use beans for fixn's: pork n beans! LOL...they are adorable! ~*~Lisa

lilraggedyangie said...

LMBO at Lisa 's ham n beans how funny! Everything looks FABULOUS , SHOW ME DA MONEY!LOL good thing Im broke or Id buy it all now and you would have to start over ! fyi the neighbor moved out and the fence laying in the yard is free game lol Have fun princess is all sugared up and ready to go with you! :0)

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Sounds like supplies for future projects are very handy! Love the angel!
I would buy a bag of dry beans( maybe 2 different colors ), split it in half and add 3 pigs each. If I were to see that, I'd buy one!★Linda★

Anonymous said...

It's all cute...if you took some old wool or scrap fabric you could wrap a pig around its midsection and we have Pigs in a a bowl! Great job, you really got a lot done!

myomyohi said...

Very creative on the angel, it looks good. Everything looks good. Thanks for the bread. It won't last long here...

LV said...

What great ideas you have. Very talented and creative in your thinking. I think the angle on the chair is a neat idea.

michelle said...

very cute bowl fillers!Love your redos too.Im sure your aunt will love her cabinet.It sure was nice today wasnt it.Have a great weekend!hugs michelle