April 26, 2011

Happy Tuesday Morning

(a little flower I made last year for the flower bed out of a fan of a truck)

Good morning! Boy it feels like FOREVER since I've done a post!!! I've had a terrible cold for the last week or so that has now changed into a mild cold/earache! I'm hoping by the end of the week to be feeling better ~if my ear still hurts tomorrow I'm going to have to break down & go to the doctor :(!

 Anyways~ I hope everyone had a wonderful ~ blessed Easter! We had a great time at my mom's for lunch. As always there was way too much yummy food! :) Since it was rainy & soggy here in Ohio we had a Easter egg hunt inside for the kiddos.  We only have 5 lil ones in the family & two are actually not so little anymore but they are the most fun to watch ~ they can never find the eggs! hehehe Not sure if it just cause they are teenagers (15 &16) & don't pay as much attention but both of them were last to find their eggs...it was really fun!

my mom & Cody @ Easter :)

I haven't gotten much created around here since I haven't felt good ....I started some different salt dough bowl fillers last night & worked on a few planter boxes made from old drawers for a craft show my mom & sis & I are going to be doing in a few weeks. My lil man has his first school program tonight & has a "speaking" part so we'll be going to watch that tonight! I'm very excited!! :) It's a musical about animals & they get to get their faces painted~ I think it'll be really cute! I'll share pics tomorrow!

Before I go I wanted to show you my lil man playing in the mud puddle in our side yard yesterday ~ he had a blast ~ he was shocked I said he could jump in it ~I'll probably regret it when it dries out but at least he had some fun!

I'm off to feed my lil man .... hope everyone has a great day!


lilraggedyangie said...

OMG ...boy am I glad Princess was gone before puddle time!!! She loves to jump in em but Id had to have hurt someone if I got there and she was that muddy ! lol I wanna know how come the top of code isn't muddy lol Glad he had fun, hope you kick this bug soon you got lots of work to do!lol

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

you are a good mommy.... I was never one to stifle the creativity when my kids were little. I'm sure they loved me for it but we lived in the country and it was common to make your own fun from things on hand. lots of kids these days don't really know how to play!