March 30, 2011

Whirlwind Wednesday

Boy what a day this has been!! Ever have one of those days when you feel like can't think straight from all the ideas & thoughts going thru your head?!!? Well that's me today.  I decided to catch up on my Biggest Loser & a couple other shows this morning, so I decided I'd paint a few signs while I watched them.  Now my "craft" room is in our basement (no tv there) so I hauled up my supplies & got to work. 

(I got my base coat on & that's it so far )
So then while I was waiting on the first coat to dry I thought I'd grubby up some cans

I'm happy to report the 1st coat of "grubby-ness" is on every can I had in the house but that's so far for them too

THEN a knock at the door & it was my AVON delivery guy. Now I just signed up to sell Avon a few weeks ago so this was my first shipment & I was pretty excited! So I sat down & sorted out my orders (4 total -not bad since I haven't really "pushed" any sales yet -I'm not a very pushy kinda sales lady -need to work on it I think ;) )

After that I went to the basement to work on some laundry -remembered I needed to hem 2 pairs of jeans for myself & patch a pair for Code ... so I got to sewing - managed to stab my finger (not too badly thankfully) while trying to hem my pants cause I was too lazy to pin them! lol Then I sanded & stained a couple things I painted yesterday. 
Then my hubby came home earlier than usual .... It's only 3:15- usually he doesn't get here till 4:30ish - can't wait to see what else is in store for the day! lol Hubby announced he needs some soap etc from the store, so I think we're going to go get a bite to eat & go to Meijers.  It's snowing here now :( but hopefully it won't really amount to anything.  Maybe after our trip out I'll manage to finish at least 1 thing I started today! If not I guess there's always tomorrow! 
Hope everyone has had a great day! 


lilraggedyangie said...

well at least one of us has sorta accomplished something today cause it sure hasn't been me ! Just housework so far. and you better get to crackin at it early tomorrow cause her highness is already gearing herself up for a trip to Auntie Rachels :0) (that's all Ive heard since we left your house yesterday) can I go back PLEASE , Mommy won't you go back to work now etc etc etc and all i hear is BLAH BLAH BLAH ! LOL ENJOY

myomyohi said...

You made me tired just reading this... sounds like you had a busy day.

JenW!~ said...

WOW you had a busy day. Lookin forward to seeing all your items finished.

Prairie Patch said...

Wow, a busy day - and productive too. I used to sell Avon and remembering how fun it was to get the deliveries. :)