March 8, 2011

Warning - Do NOT operate a glue gun while sick!

Good morning all! This week has started off very, very unproductive! It seems I have either caught my son's "cooties" from last week or some stranger has shared some of theirs with me! I have been sick since Sunday afternoon & I haven't got much done around the house. I'm afraid the dust bunnies are going to rise up & take over our poor little house if I don't get to feeling better soon! lol I have spent most of my time on our couch (pictured above) - unfortunately our couch isn't very comfortable at all! It was my late grandma's & I had always loved it at her house but once we moved it to our house I realized why grandma kept it upstairs in an extra wasn't because she just had extra room -nope it was because it is as hard as a ROCK!!! I promised my husband one day when we get a bigger house we can get new furniture & our poor couch can be moved to our own "extra" room! lol

Anyways - as for the title of my post today - I learned yesterday that I should NOT be allowed to use my glue gun when I'm sick! I had the scariest thing happen to me! I attempted to work on some cans I had grubbied up over the weekend ... I didn't get very far though ... It turns out when I thought about working on them in the morning I must've plugged in my glue gun (10ish or so) - well I didn't actually go to work on them till like 4 in the afternoon - so my glue gun had been plugged in for like 6 hours!! I was so upset! I guess I can't handle operating a glue gun when I'm sick! lol Thank goodness nothing got burnt! Needless to say I unplugged it & called it a day! I figured I better not chance anything else!

The only other thing that has been accomplished here has been eating Girl Scout cookies! I had ordered some Girl Scout cookies from a friend of ours & they were delivered on Sunday afternoon....I can't tell you how much I LOVE samoas!! I had ordered 4 boxes for our house & by then end of Sunday I had managed to finish a whole box off by myself!! Luckily yesterday I had to run to our insurance office (which is down the street from my mom's house) -so while I was close I delivered her boxes of samoas & stuck my extra 2 boxes in her freezer! It's a good thing I did too because with the help of my hubby last night -another box bit the dust! I don't know what is in those darn cookies but I can't stop once I start! lol

Well that's all the "excitement" going on around here... hopefully my "cooties" will be gone tomorrow - today's not looking too promising! I hope everyone else is feeling good & has a great day!


michelle said...

aww I hope you feel better soon.The couch is just beautiful.reminds me of our "pretty"towels in the bathroom,cant get the girls to understand there not for use just for looks.perhaps thats what the beautiful couch is destined for,just for looks and not for use.the cookies,ummm my fav as well,dont feel bad they just dont put enough in them boxes.Big girl scout conspiracy,get'em hooked,give'em a little teaser then they will buy more,dont ya think lol.have a great week and get better soon.blessings and hugs michelle

lilraggedyangie said...

Happy Tuesday , you better rest up , you have lots of CRAFTING to do, if you couldn't tell from my blog pics last night lol not to mention all the goodies I already left you last week. So get better , maybe u should eat some more cookies and get your sugar buzz on and see what you can accomplish ! lol I love the new grubbies how cute , am goin to both craft stores today , so Im sure Ill get us some more goodies! the tin cup is off to a good start , and if ya need more cans I been saving those and starting to save glass jars for us ! O since you stashed your cookies you better NOT BE EATING MINE:0 !!!How funny I did the same thing with my glue gun a couple weeks ago and I wasnt even sick (maybe its hereditary lol) Ok well I gotta get busy on today s display chain post , stop by and check out todays goods! ttyl PS I love that couch too it always was perfect in that upstairs bedroom!HUGS
lil raggedy and Princess

Jessica @BeforeTheDawn said...

Feel better!! I can't function well when I am sick so I just don't bother with a lot of stuff, including crafting... and especially laundry and dishes. (hehe)

It is THAT season, the season of Girl Scout cookies! I have two cookies left from the 3 boxes we bought from some girls outside our local Walmart two weekends ago. We don't know any GS personally so we spend cookie season buying from the girls who sell outside of the different stores up here. The cookies are addicting and I think it's best that they are not available year around!

myomyohi said...

We need to put some softer foam in your cushions. Also, I have resisted opening my samoas so far, because I know I can't control myself once I do. But believe me, they are whispering to me even now.... I hope you feel better soon.